THQ Announce WWE '12 WrestleMania Edition

THQ Inc. today announced development of the WWE '12 WrestleMania Edition, a complement to the November 2011 release in the company's WWE flagship videogame franchise. In addition to the complete WWE '12 offering, the WWE '12 WrestleMania Edition will offer players a wide variety of the downloadable content (DLC) released to date.

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topgun332484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Don't fall for this ploy. This is all the DLC that was offered throughout the year bundled in one package and advertised as something brand spanking new.

MrBeatdown2483d ago

There's nothing to fall for. It's obvious what it is. It's the game with all the DLC included.

TheCopyNinja2483d ago

THQ pulling a Capcom. LOL

slavish2483d ago

i hope this means they are taking 2 years to developer the next game!