2007: The Year Gaming Broke

Now that the slog through the last 12 months is over, TheFeed is in a reflective mood, so we're asking the question that's on every gamer's lips: Was 2007 the best year in the history of videogames?

We asked X-Play host Adam Sessler, who responded enthusiastically in the affirmative. "Definitely," Sessler said, "Unless there was some year in the '90s, when I wasn't really paying attention that was better. But I seriously doubt it. With three consoles competing, and the technology as advanced as it is, gamers are having the best year in the history of videogames."

In other words, like Nirvana bringing punk to mainstream in the 1990s, 2007 is the year videogames broke. Here's why:

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unsunghero284029d ago

I don't see how this could be much better than '08 though...

mintaro4029d ago

i guess we'll have to wait and see how 08 turns out

AdolfBinBush4029d ago

2008 will be a hell-of-a-ride for PS3 owners..

BrianC62344028d ago

Gaming broke? How do we fix it?

Rattles4029d ago

in the same year and people think its the best lol
the best year will be when sony shows us wat next gen is about.

4029d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.