PlayStation 4: Sony “confident” of pre-Xbox 720 release

VG247 has been told that Sony is aiming to release PlayStation 4 before Xbox 720 next Christmas, and that certain developers have been invited to reveal meetings in the US in May and June.

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Pacman3212443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

As long as Sony doesn't release this a year after the next Xbox like the PS3, all will be well.

AP2443d ago

Question is if the two within a few months of each other will cannibalize both their sales to a degree...?

DeadlyFire2443d ago

That's the whole point of a sales war. As long as Nintendo doesn't consume both their sales. Which it might. It will likely be cheaper.

Peppino72443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Whether they come out a day or week or month before the 720 isn't the issue. If they both come out holiday 2013, then that'll be great for Sony. Its biggest disadvantage aside from its starting price point was its year late release, although it was a better built system. Both systems will be great to own but as far as "winning" the next gen race, releasing the system the same time, if not slightly sooner, against their biggest competitors is important.
I just hope they don't take shortcuts JUST to get an earlier release. That wont benefit us!

F7U122443d ago

fuk...what I wouldn't give for all these rumors to be true. Sony and MS the only thing I ask is that your hardware outputs 1080p at 60fps.

BlindGuardian2443d ago

it really doesn't matter, Xbox will sell more in the US and PS4 will sell more worldwide

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Shaman2443d ago

Damn. Its heatin up! Next gen is close, I can feel it.

StoneAgeWarfare2443d ago

Me too bro just imagine how epic it's gona be

MoFo11112443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

They have no choice other than to release first or else Microsoft will destroy them again.
But i think Microsoft will be ready for this.They will have a trick up their sleeve
They can afford to undercut them , out advertise them and whats stopping them from releasing first

Fishy Fingers2443d ago

"destroy them again"

Do we really need to be quite so dramatic, they've been pretty neck and neck all generation, MSs head start being the only convincing factor to their >slightly< larger install base.

Destroy? Lol

MoFo11112443d ago

Microsoft was the underdog the gen.Sony wasnt
The PS3 was expected to pwn
Not to be in last place

JsonHenry2443d ago

No matter how you slice it Sony is in last place this generation. Which is a bit of an upset because they were king the previous two.

I want to keep the competition going strong so I hope they do release first and it is a 'win' of a console so the race stays going. It will only benefit us consumers in the end.

StoneAgeWarfare2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Relax, Sony is gonna releas their console to put pressure on MS causing them to quickly hurry up and put some shit together slapping xbox720 On it and shipping out another RROD

MoFo11112443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Th original xbox ran fine so does the slim.The hardware failures are a thing of the past
They messed up with the 360 but they are capable of building a solid machine

Disccordia2443d ago

Sony have been destroyed in terms of market share (compared to last gen), but they've done well to catch up to be nearly level despite all the doom and gloom early on.

shadow27972443d ago

Sony was destroyed, but not by Microsoft. Nintendo destroyed everyone.

MS was a close second last generation, and they're a close second this generation.

That said, if Sony ever wants America back, they're going to have to throw down the gauntlet to get people to leave Xbox Live now, no matter when they release. People have invested in their gamerscores, Arcade games, etc.

There's going to be a reluctance to leave all that even if a free PSN can match it feature for feature. Sony has an uphill battle if they want to regain their dominance; but if their content with just a profitable, successful console next gen, then I don't think they'll have any problems.

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Drekken2443d ago

Oh please... trick up there sleeve? Lets hope this trick is something along the line of consoles not overheating at a 52% rate. Consumers basically let MS slide this gen with that crap... but if it happens again, they might as well pack it up and go back to software.

Boody-Bandit2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

"Hardware problems area thing of the past" <- not to consumers that don't own a slim. Than again even the slim isn't infallible. So no, hardware problems are not a thing of the past and I doubt they will be forgotten going into the next generation.

I know I for one will be leery of the next box. Yeah most likely I will get one at launch, if possible (depending on supply and demand), but every time there is a slight pause I will be wondering it's going to go belly up and be a repeat of last generation. I'm sure a lot of 360 consumers that have been through the failure will be thinking the same. Although I doubt MS will make that same mistake twice considering the original had such a good track record.

Edit: How am I above Ice_Cold when I am responding to him and replied after him? N4G is having some serious issues the past few weeks. At least it has been for me.

AtomicGerbil2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

Destroy? Quite an acute exaggeration don't you think?

How would releasing early stop Microsoft from 'destroying' the competition? The Wii released around the same time as the PS3 and we all know how that story ended. So it doesn't really matter. The problem with the PS3 was the price.

gypsygib2443d ago

There probably are more PS3 owners than 360 owners as millions more 360s broke than PS3s, making MS in last place in terms of users. I personally bought 2 360s, and know other who have as well.

I just say 360 and PS3 tied this gen because I'm not anal.

Saying 360 beat PS3 this gen is like saying PSN has 120 million accounts.

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Fishy Fingers2443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

They've been clear for the last few years, the 360s 12 month lead was a mistake, cost Sony market share and put the on the back foot this gen. So they have to get it out in the same launch window, of course, ideally just before.

Edit: in part I believe that delay was to integrate BluRay, which of course was a success in its own right, but something they should avoid next gen (continue with BD).

dark-hollow2443d ago

That's pretty smart.
Don't release your console way after the competition and price it competitively and you got the recipes for success.

tigertron2443d ago

A wise decision, a mid 2013 release before Durango's "fall 2013" release would mean Sony would have one up.

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