Resident Evil’s action-oriented future: logical evolution or market-pressurised devolution?

Who’s to blame… the developers or the expectations of a western market?

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Wintersun6162388d ago

If RE6 takes the road of RE5, then it's becoming like the new James Bond movies. They're good games, but they're not RE games anymore, despite the name and characters.

VanillaBear2388d ago

"but they're not RE games anymore, despite the name and characters."

Agreed but even the characters are changing, which to me is worrying

As I've said in my post below, this wouldn't be as bad if they brought back old characters to keep it as Resident Evil as possible, yet they don't. Capcom keep adding new pointless characters in the games when they could use old fan favorites they havent used for years.

Take RE Revelations....Jessica and Parker were Chris and Jills partners. Why could we of not had a game where Chris and Jill were together for a change for the entire game or since this was the beginging of the BSAA have the old STARS members Barry and Rebbeca join because of what happened in the Mansion incident.

I mean they've even added new characters for RE6, hell they've even added Chris again because he's popular and they want to gain more sales, yet I think in my opinion he's outwlecomed his stay, this should of been a Leon/Ada focus story.

You have Chris's new partner...which could of been Barry

You have Leons new partner...which could of been Claire/Sherry/Rebbeca

and you have a totaly new character with a new character for his partner...this could of been Carlos and his partner could of been Jill.

I know the old characters can't last forever but theres still a lot of old fan favorites who they havent used.

pangitkqb2388d ago

This issue is the same challenge any long-running piece of entertainment faces. If nothing changes than things grow stagnant and people lose interest. However, if the changes made ruin the core appeal, people lose interest anyway.

The question: Is Capcom making the right changes or not? Clearly the response has been negative, so hopefully they learn and listen to their core audience.

Kurylo3d2388d ago

why would they? there probably making more money away from the core audience.

Kurylo3d2388d ago

Its a pity that capcom are a bunch of sellouts. Its all about the money these days. We know action games will sell more. So its all about the money.. no longer about the games and entertainment. Mediocre action games will sell more then finely tuned horror games. Sad but true.

I liked it better when the game industry wasnt this huge "corporate" thing... where games were still new to 3d and were about making stuff that was innovative and really drawing u in... RE2 drew me in... re1 drew me in.. re5 i fell asleep playing. even though it was more "action"

VanillaBear2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

It's obvious it's the the "pressurised devolution" but I don't think the western audience has high expectations, they just want a good horror game like Dead Space or like the old Resident Evil games.

The problem is that Capcom are greedy and love money, they know that COD sells a ton so they're trying to make RE appeal to that fanbase, bring in a new audience so they can have a bigger audience overall...but the problem is all they are doing is p*ssing off their old fanbase and pushing them out. At the end, maybe after RE6 they'll probably have a completely new audience while only a small percentage of the loyal RE fanbase will still be there.

You get a lot of people, usualy the ones who like RE5, say "Oh you need to move on", "Action is the future of RE" or "RE5 sold a ton and it was pure action" we don't, no it's not and the only reason RE5 sold a ton was because on peoples expectations after RE4 and because of the brand name.

What bugs me more about Capcom is even after the complaints of RE5

Terriable AI
No solo levels
Enemies can hold guns
No Horror
Action, action and more action
A chapter select
No merchent
Lack of Puzzles
A new character "Sheva" when they were going to use Barry or even rework the story to feature Jill from the start. Hell even after you fight Jill and save her you would think instead of telling Chris and Sheva to finish Wesker and stop him Sheva and Jill would switch and she would go with you, why would they make it so Sheva finished Wesker off. They should of left Weskers death untill they had a game where the old STARS memebers would be in the same game.

After reading the Relyonhorror "RE 4.5" article it's clear Capcoms idea for a bigger audience and the added co-op, rewokring most of the already great game they had is what killed RE5 and ruined the direction of the RE franchise

All those bad points about RE5 I've listed above dosen't seem to be adressed in RE6 by the trailer, it looks like they've built onto them instead. I mean three characters now, more co-op, each character has a partner, new pointless characters yet no Barry, Claire or Rebbeca, Zombies.....Oh wait they can hold guns deafting the whole point of why we wanted Zombies back basicaly making them NOT Zombies. It's pretty obvious that Capcom havent listen to their core fanbase with RE6 and why RE5 was a crap RE title.


Want to know the worst part, people will still buy RE6 day 1, complain about the action direction after they've completed the game and Capcom won't care because you've already given them a "happy sale".

Darth Gamer2388d ago

I agree. I don't think the western market has anything to do with this. We want a good horror based RE title just as mush as the rest of the "market". Capcom is looking at the success of the COD action oriented market and wants their share which is totally wrong. If we want to run and gun, we turn to COD or other action shooters but if we want to play a horror game, we used to go with RE. Sadly this is not the case anymore. Everything is slowly being melted into a big mix of action and whatever genre we are trying to create.

sonicsidewinder2388d ago

Capcom just being sellouts is all.

rdgneoz32388d ago

I remember an article a bit ago, with Capcom saying survival horror was too small a market so they were going for more action. Then a few days later, articles asking if Last of US can reinvigorate the survival horror genre.

THe market isn't that small, its just people want a good survival horror game.

Tzuno2388d ago

i wonder if anyone on Capcom still has a pair of balls. i wonder

Lucretia2388d ago

it makes sense that its more action oriented. doesnt mean the atmosphere needs to be lost but lets face it.

if chris, jill, claire etc were still scared of zombies it would be dumb. They are professional Zombie killers, they know how to quickly and effectively take zombies and monsters out.

how can you make anything horror if your characters cant get scared?

only way for RE to be scary again is to ditch the whole cast and start over.

prob with that is everyone loves all the characters like i do so that would do way more damage.

im fine with the way its going, i loved all RE games but im glad the game has better combat mechanics and isnt just a puzzle game with a zombie theme anymore like they used to be.

just bring the atmosphere and hopelessness back capcom and you will make everyone happy.