Silent Hill Downpour review - rained off - Metro


Spring is here and the flowers are blooming, so what better way to celebrate than with another entry in Konami's darkly depressing survival horror?

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Darth Gamer2393d ago

Has anyone here actually played this game who might care to comment on it? I would realy like to have your thoughts on this game than a so called "professional reviewers". There are so many mixed reviews.

fastNslowww2393d ago

If you're a silent Hill fan, definetely PLAY IT. The game is incredible and has some of the best level designs/puzzles. Story-wise it's everything one should expect from silent Hill.

sonicsidewinder2393d ago

My friend says it's actually pretty decent.

It's not all that scary. But the puzzles are meant to be really clever.

Main character's good too acording to him.

ignorantsonsof_2393d ago

It's pretty good and the presentation is definitely the best in the series. They also put a lot of things that worked well in the series into this game. The story so far is interesting, and I really like the new thing you're running from in the nightmare portions. It really reminds me of running from Pyramid Head in the fact that it's impossible to kill. Worst part is the music, which actually isn't that bad since the new composer didn't really write much. A lot of the music you hear is either actual music from real artists (mostly country, some other pretty old stuff too) which gives it a nice authentic feel, or it's older silent hill music. All that is played on radios around the town. The music he actually wrote though is hit or miss, some stuff really fitting Silent Hill or some (like the music when fighting monsters) sounding completely wrong. But overall it fits this specific one in the series pretty well. Give it a try!