Toshiba 'Disappointed,' HD DVD to Die a Quick Death?

Gamedaily writes:

Warner Bros.' sudden announcement that they would exclusively support Blu-ray over HD DVD starting this May came as a big surprise to many, and it's a move that many believe could finally signal the end of the high-definition movie format battle.

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Real gamer 4 life4028d ago

na na na na, na na na hey hey hey goood bye.

TANOD4028d ago

apparently all XBOTS have left N4G even Bloodmask and Zhuk.

OMG these news just keep on coming

TheHater4028d ago

Wow, this year is starting with a bang.

LightningPS34028d ago

they would just be doing everyone a favor. They have no real power to win anymore.

But for the meantime they could probably still confuse customers. And if they choose to do that, it's pathetic if you ask me.

doshey4028d ago

dang another hd dvd story does this ever end, but lets all hope hd dvd dies quick then less of these dang storys

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The story is too old to be commented.