Battlefield 3 Patch 1.04 for Xbox 360: Release Date This Week

Techtorial: After a few days of 'delay', Xbox 360 players should expect the 1.04 update for Battlefield 3 to arrive later this week.

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BeaArthur2481d ago

It doesn't actually say the release date is this week. It says that we will know when the release date is later this week.

xxLuckyStrike2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I heard the patch ruined the game!!! I guess the suppression fire is unbelievably rediculous. Also Dice still hasn't fixed issues that have persisted since BETA.

The patch went in and nerft a majority of the guns and went an added heavy recoil to most guns . They Made jets just about invincible. Tanks are now made of paper. Sadly Dice/EA appear desperate to emulate COD. Seems like they wanna eliminate vehicles. It just so happens that the first DLC they're releasing is CQC!!! SINCE WHEN WAS A BATTLEFIELD GAME EVER ABOUT CQC..

Dice has been half assing it since BF3 launched!!! They can't even give us minor patches along the way.. Lol they've been screwing with COD style DLC and very slowlyyy putting together this SUPER DUPER PATCH.. Good news is I can always go back to BC2 until dice gets their head out their A$$. Funny I just think they should be trying to fix the bugs and make sure the game is running smoothly b4 any DLC

SneeringImperialist2481d ago

It did ruin the game, i have lost all interest since it was released, they nerfed everything in sight lol. the suppression is a joke and the MBT's are ridiculously overpowered now.The game was better before this "patch".

AusRogo2481d ago

Cqc is also a part of war.. Get over it, theyre giving us variety. Good on em.

MizTv2481d ago

i took the patch on ps3 and yes im not that happy. i havnt seen any frag rounds and thats great but i try to play rush and it puts me in all the other games modes i dont want to. it makes me mad all i want to play is rush.

BeaArthur2481d ago

They have combined a lot servers (presumably because of lack of activity in certain game modes). You can still find Rush only servers you just have to click on the server and actually look at what game modes are on that server.

blink30202480d ago

The patch is awesome. You pussie nerds need to shut up.

swishersweets200312480d ago

telling you xbox people.. you dont want it.

HungPHATx2480d ago

The patch ruined the PS3 Version ! I went out and
Bought the 360 version to see what is was like and ZERO input Controller lag but I bet the patch ruins it just like the it did to the PS3 :-(

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