GNT: Why Does Everyone Play COD When They “Hate” It

GNT: Trolling, hacking and cheating are just some of the words in which the gaming community would associate with Activision’s record breaking series “Call of Duty” which seems to exceed the heights which the previous version of the game year after year. With the game being hailed as the “Multiplayer Revolution” by some areas of the media, many will wonder if the COD train will ever slow down. Within the community though, there are many who dislike Activision’s running of the game as they see it as a chance to make even more money and, at the same time, not to put too much work into the game. If this is the opinion of many in the community then why is the game so popular? With many seemingly reluctant to even try the game, how can so many gamers be new to this gaming legacy? It’s time to go for a 25 kill-streak and Nuke the facts.

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colugothelegend2443d ago

i dont play that garbage.

MrHoney_Badger - Ps3 tag

battlefield 3 baby


solidworm2443d ago

pride4ever...bf3 all the way. You couldnt pay me to play that broke pile of wank.

sly-Famous2443d ago

I it, that is.

Wintersun6162443d ago

My brother-in-law played CoD:WaW on my PS3 without using the fricking guest-account. My trophy list is ruined. :(

I believe that most people who hate CoD on the internet don't play it. Just because it's the game that sells the most every year, it doesn't mean that everyone plays it. More like it's a game that divides gamers like no other game does and has a huge amount of sheep who buy it every year and a huge amount of people who hate it.

gamernova2443d ago

Is it possible that the people that buy it love the game play and aren't sheep? I used to think apple owners were sheep but in reality, maybe that's just what they like. Numbers don't lie. Sure numbers are not an indication of overall quality but it does indicate what the population like. I am tired of the Justin bieber argument. He does sell because of horny girls. Just like cod sells because of its addictive gameplay style.

Wintersun6162443d ago (Edited 2443d ago )

You didn't quite get my point, did you?

There are games that produce more passionate reactions on both sides and games that produce less.

Some games don't get that much attention which means that they can only have so many people who like it or hate it. CoD is a very known franchise and the more popular something is, the more there are people to like it and hate it. Which is why it sells so much but still gets so much hate.

Sorry if I offended you sheeple, but no matter how addictive a game might be, I consider a person who buys all CoDs and their DLCs to be a sheep. Why? Because in my opinion a yearly release that improves as little as CoD does and obviously get's a lot less effort than countless other games simply does not deserve the sales it gets every year.

gamernova2443d ago

Obviously the more popular a game is the more attention it receives; that's just pointing out the obvious. Well, if going out and getting what you like makes you a sheep then everyone is a sheep. People can't like CoD now without being called sheep just because you don't enjoy it? Your opinion is a pretty close minded one. I am a believer of letting people get what they want without them being judged. That goes for the "beliebers" and "directioners" too. If it sells, the formula is working for people. If you don't like it, don't buy it but do not call people sheep just because their opinion differs. What you do is do not support the game. You didn't offend me at all because your opinion doesn't matter to me one bit. You may interpret my response as me caring but in fact, what I care about is making you aware that because something does not appeal to you, it does not mean that is is wrong to like it. Your opinion is too close minded for evolution to take place. This sheeple stuff is what is wrong with the gaming community. All the online bullying that occurs goes along with it. You should really be aware of the implications of your statements.

Wintersun6162443d ago

Please read my previous comment again, and try to comprehend it this time. I never said that people can't like CoD. All I said was that IMO a yearly release with minimum effort put in it does not deserve to sell 20 million copies every year. Those games don't see enough progress IMO to even warrant another full release and the people who buy it _every year_ are supporting this type of cheap tactics, which is why I consider them sheep.

Do you get it now? I am against milking a franchise and giving bad example to other developers who might try and follow in the same footsteps, thus promoting devolution, not evolution.

antz11042436d ago

Glad theres someone like you out there like you pigeon-holing all fans into the "sheeple" category. Really shows how obtuse some people can be.

No offense but coming on to comment on a game thats really cool to hate on right now and dropping the "they don't improve!!!:(" defense really does make you one of the sheeple.


AusRogo2443d ago

Battlefield has been my goto multiplayer since bc2. I loved cod 4 and played that alot, but since then I dont think I have more then 24 hours game time online on any of the other cods.

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