BioWare prepping “amazing” Mass Effect 3 announcement for PAX?

TVGB: "Mark this one under rumor for now, but it looks like BioWare will start making good on its Mass Effect 3 promises at PAX this week."

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Nimblest-Assassin2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

True ending dlc at 599 US dollars? The reapers are really Giant enemy crabs, and the crucible was to attack their weak point for massive damage? (srry for e3 puns)

No I kid, but they better clarify that ending, and release the content for free in order to prevent them from looking bad due to the rEApers

2394d ago
omi25p2394d ago

I hope it is the actual ending and not some BS extra character that adds nothing to the story and are a waste of time.

Canary2393d ago

I hope for the same... but, all things considered, I'd bet against it.

We ARE talking about EA, after all.

da_2pacalypse2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Whatever it is... It'l cost you at least 10 bucks. Thanks EA! -_-

Perjoss2393d ago

My prediction is that it will be ending DLC, and the 'amazing' part will be that's its free. Because Bioware really doesn't want to be the first company to charge for the ending of a video game that people have already payed for.

thechad22394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )


TheBioLover2394d ago

I've played all of ME3, and I've watched the Indoctrination Theory video, and I have to say the Theory is pretty solid, I reckon the DLC picks up from Shepard being in the rubble in London, as hinted by the "Destroy" ending with Shepard breathing.

SageHonor2394d ago

Yep there is definitely compelling evidence for the indoc theory. Lets hope something good happens this week.

Nimblest-Assassin2394d ago

I strongly believe that the indoc theory has to be true, due to the overwhelming amount of evidence that has been collected throughout all 3 games and even the novels.

This HAS to be it, or Bioware really dropped the ball with the ending.

I have been supporting the indoc theory since it was conceived, and for it to be something else....

Bioware must have a really good reason as to why the game ended like that, or they really screwed up

Canary2393d ago

Bioware did really drop the ball with the ending. Even if the indoctrination theory is true. All the indoctrination theory does is fix some of the plot holes and bad writing, it does nothing to solve the main problems of the ending--the complete lack of effect for player choices, and the lack of any epilog.

And it's probably not true. Do you really think any developer would make put a dialog choice near the end of the game where the player has a 66% chance of getting a BAD END, with nothing to indicate where that 33% chance might be?

Indoctrination theory is no more than a desperate attempt to make ME3 seem like a better game than it was. Mass delusion.

Simon_Brezhnev2393d ago


I agree with you 100% the indoc theory is just a Mass delusion. I guess fans can accept a bad ending so they make up their on. I never heard about this in any video game. LOL

ChickeyCantor2393d ago

"-the complete lack of effect for player choices, and the lack of any epilog. "

Yeah that is kinda the point of the indoctrination.

They can fix this, but i really don't like the idea of selling a key-story feature as DLC.

dc12394d ago

Its very likely that the ****spoiler ****
Indoctrination ending was planned all along. Followed by the DLC conclusion.

******End of Spoilers *******

Lets just hope that we are not charged for the privilege to see the ending through.

Shadowstar2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

If you believe in Indoctrination theory as a planned thing, you're saying you believe they shipped without an ending, knowing full well that there are people out there who will never get the ending at all because they don't have their console on the net, with the ultimate purpose of charging us extra to have an ending to a game.

If it were planned that way, and they intended all along to charge us for the ending, it would make Bioware the company that finally, truly destroyed single-player gaming and the story-driven game experience.

I don't mind them stealing the idea. And if they had it before, I don't mind them unlocking it on the disc. But anything else is pretty horrific to me.

J_Cob2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Look at FFXIII-2 and Asura's Wrath. They both have planned DLC endings you can only get online. I wouldn't put it past EA to do the same with ME3.

J_Cob2393d ago

Look at FFXIII-2 and Asura's Wrath. They both have planned DLC endings you can only get online. I wouldn't put it past EA to do the same with ME3.

dc12393d ago

I'm with you. However the evidence associated with the indoctrination theory is overwhelming. I was very ..Very.. disappointed in Bioware following the ending of ME3 (Primarily because I could not understand how 6 years of excellent writing within a wonderfully immersive universe could be undone in the final 10 minutes of the trilog.
However immediately felt incredibly trolled by Bioware after see a couple of well done indoctrination theory posts on You Tube.

Also keep in mind that Bioware has never promised a "New" ending, only additional clarity following the events in the ME3 ending.

Your above statements are partially true for now. Bioware would have to charge us for the 'clarity' to make it whole.. let’s hope that does not happen.

IIC0mPLeXII2394d ago

Its possible the ending just sucked.

greyhaven332394d ago

I am a BioWare fan and love the mass effect series...but I honestly think all of this was planned, I don't know if it was pressure from E.A. or if they both thought it was a good idea. Leaves a sour taste though, sad thing is I will pay for dlc if I have too, I love mass effect that much, I'm not the only one and they know it.

thechad22394d ago

agree accept forc paying for dlc part. I do have some willpower

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