ESRB rates Rayman, Street Fighter Alpha for PSP and PS3

Want to know what PlayStation One games Sony plans on adding to the PlayStation store? Well, the ESRB has already rated two classic games for both the PlayStation Portable and the PlayStation 3: Rayman and Street Fighter Alpha.

Rayman was released on the PlayStation 1 back in 1995 by Ubisoft. This 2D platformer was well-received by the gaming community. The game had players rushing around on a mission to defeat Mister Dark and his minions.

Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha on the other hand was a major change from the other Street Fighter games that came before it. The game had multiple characters including a few new additions such as Dan, Rose, and Charlie.

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crazy250004574d ago

dude Sony needs to start releasing more games on there!!!!

TheHater4574d ago

sweet, Street Fighter alpha on the psn. NICE

Real gamer 4 life4574d ago

looks like Sony has shift there focus on other things now that they wrapped up the format war. first resident evil and now they adding street fighter and ray man. Plus there rumors that Sony may charge a monthly fee to give people unlimited games download so i expect alot more classic hittting the psn.

moujahed4574d ago

Rather it's Online or not, SF Alpha is gonna kick so much ass, my copy got missing somehow, be nice to have it on my ps3.

Darkiewonder4574d ago

They are just releasing psOne titles. the only thing they alter is getting it to work with psp and ps3. That's about it.

Still good for sony to show some love. but they need to release more games from different genre.

HeavyweightInTheGame4574d ago

Why is this in the 360 section?

TnS4574d ago

My mistake. :( I selected X360 instead of PSP.

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The story is too old to be commented.