Sony Firing Folks Thanks to Modern Medicine

Kotaku: "Sony is moving away from manufacturing—as evident by the PS3 and PS Vita, which are not made in Japan by Sony. Rather, Sony has outsourced their production to China."

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Mikhail2393d ago

That is capitalism at work. Sooner or later, Chinese workers would demand higher pay and companies would move on to another country.

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raytraceme2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

india seems to be the nxt best choice if that happens.

Mikefizzled2393d ago

Unlikely India is mainly the tertiary sector which is mostly providing services, whereas China is mostly the secondary sector which is manufacturing.

FlameBaitGod2393d ago

Here's the truth, everyone would have a job if companies didn't worry about making more $ every time. You see stores go out but 90% of the time is because their not making the $ they want, they are getting profits but they close it to find another spot where they can gain even more $. Rich people only care about getting richer

hellzsupernova2393d ago

bullshit everyone would have a job if they accepted lower wages! you could not be more rong or stupid.

WE the consumer DEMAND a lower price the producer moves production to give said good at a lower price then we the consumer complain because people lose jobs get over yourselfs we are all driving this buisness model!

dantesparda2392d ago

Wow, just wow! ^^^^

Flamebait is right, all these big corporations care about is making more and more profits each quarter/year and giving themselves bigger and bigger bonuses. Instead of giving their workers more money as they make more money, they just keep it for themselves and make their workers work more and more (they call it "productivity").

FlameBaitGod2392d ago

"everyone would have a job if they accepted lower wages"

LOL you really are far off, yeah cus the owners don't make enough money. Yeah that's true I mean the owner of the cellphone company claro only makes 2 million a day, I mean... how can someone survive with just 2 million each day. Hey bough the verizon tower in Puerto Rico and they were making 80 mil in profits yet they said they were thinking of closing cus they had projected 120 mil in profits LOL!.

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Brosy2393d ago

This doesn't suprise me. It's Sony.

mobhit2393d ago

Yes... because Sony is the *ONLY* company doing this. Did the company hold your family at gunpoint or something?

nik666uk2393d ago

Go play your xbox, there's a good little boy!!!

smashcrashbash2393d ago

Well that is obviously an ignorant thing to say. Many companies outsource to reduce costs. It has nothing to do with it being Sony.

Edward752393d ago

First time I ever agreed with you smash...EVER. It is the first unbiased comment I have seen you write! Congrats!

Acererak2393d ago

Check Brosy's comment history. This poor guy has OCD when it comes to denigrating Sony. He's also ignored by 27 people (soon 28). How a chunk of entertainment hardware can evoke such hate and love eludes me. People who identify themselves with a brand that much have very large flaw of character. They are probably the same morons who call themselves "fans" of a sports team and take this as an excuse for smashing things, and people.

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supremacy2393d ago

I know what some of you are thinking, these methods are shady and somewhat absurd. But they have to do what they have to do, its simple.

fei-hung2393d ago

Well Sony like many companies has to adapt of get left behind. Apple, Ninty and MS r already there for a good reason - cost reduction! And if Sony plan on getting back into the black, then they must cut costs.

As for the mental health thing, its not only Sony. I used to work for one of Britains largest if not the largest retailer and they have been doing the same. The difference is, other companies are doing it although they are making billions in profit. Sony is doing it to get out of the red.

Either way, it is always sad to hear people losing their jobs and manufacturers shutting down or moving away.

MrDead2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Let’s not forget Japan's lack of natural resources, they have to ship in almost all the materials (probably from China) to make the products they sell which all adds to the cost of the items. Japans work force is quite well paid so to make anything there is automatically going to cost more, not to outsource their production would be business suicide.

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