Nintendo DS is the bestseller in French video game market. LTD sales of other consoles also revealed

ZDNet has released the official sales figures of gaming consoles in France as of December 31st,2007.

This is what the chart looks like :-

PS2: 5.5m
DS: 4.2m
WII: 1m
PSP : 600 k
X360: 500k
PS3: 500k


PLEASE NOTE that the figures revealed above are all lifetime sales of consoles in FRANCE as of 2007.

for instance the lifetime sales of both x360 and PS3 stands at 500 000 units

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Darkiewonder4565d ago

Wii made it to 1 million since it launched there. Good job Nintendo!

TANOD4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

500k in 9 months (with 6 months seeing a price tag of 600EURO)

fantastic performances by SONY and NINTENDO

TANOD4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )

Please UPGRADE your french PS3 sales

and DOWNGRADE the X360 sales

Thank You

wow i am getting 2 disagrees

on VGCHARTZ the ps3 is at 450k and the x360 is at 630k

so definitely VGCHARTZ should adjust their ps3/x360 numbers

MaximusPrime4565d ago

dont worry now Warner Bros moving to Bluray, it will be interesting to see how PS3 sale fare after May.
Maybe your request will be answered.

mintaro4565d ago

wow 1 mil for he wii?? kudos to them

doshey4565d ago

good work for ps3, great job for wii

TANOD4565d ago

PS3 caught x360 in JUST 9 months


doshey4565d ago

ya even after 360 tried that bs with there ad at the ps3s launch in france

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