Kinect Star Wars Worked On By Over 200 People

"A LinkedIn profile of Adam N Joseph, a senior producer at Microsoft has revealed just how big the development of Kinect Star Wars has been. The game has reportedly been worked on by ten teams comprising over two hundred individuals."

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Titanz2484d ago

The force is strong, within this title.

NukaCola2484d ago

I really hope this can live up to the hype. The 360 itself and the controller look really badass BTW

andrewsqual2484d ago

Yeah because 190 people looked at the concept and walked away. That's why there are 10 people left making this. Over 500 people were involved with Phantom Menance. Pattern?

gypsygib2484d ago

Probably because people kept quitting when they realized Kinect can't make games so they had to hire replacements to make Star Wars Dance/Rails Racer

GraveLord2484d ago

What a waste. Could have created a new IP for the core gamer which is desperately needed. But I guess Microsoft is trying to be the new Nintendo. Good for them.