Halo 4 Commercials - Filming Underway

This is Xbox: "Microsoft is readying up their advertising partners to begin filming for Halo 4 commercials and viral campaigns before the launch of one of this years most anticipated releases from 343 Industries."

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MoFo11112394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

The marketing for this game will be crazy
Sony take note

redDevil872394d ago

Errrmm, i'm sure they've taken many notes. They just don't have the same financial clout to compete with MS.

dark-hollow2394d ago

I've heard they spent 200 million on advertising halo 3.
Wonder how much they'll spend this time.

SuperLupe2394d ago

"I've heard" ... "200 million"


thisisxboxcom2394d ago

I didn't know they spent THAT much on Halo 3 advertising! Blimey !!!

gypsygib2394d ago

Lol impossible, they'd need to sell 10 million copies at full price just to recoup advertising and games costs.

dark-hollow, you've been grossly misinformed.

aviator1892391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

It wasn't that much at all. Halo 3 alone cost $30 million to make and the marketing push cost around an extra ~$10-20 million.

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Dms20122394d ago

No, no they didn't spend 200 million on advertising for Halo 3, it was 10 million. Still alot, but nowhere near your absurd made up number.

Convas2394d ago

Wow, people are still peddling that 200 million Halo 3 ad campaign rumor? That's so 2007 yo.

Oh, and it's false. XD

thisisxboxcom2394d ago

10 Million sounds more like it ! - Halo 4 though will probably have a huge marketing push beyond that. Halo 3 used the popularity of Halo 2 and was the first next-gen Halo. it was going to sell tons (confidentally). Halo 4 on the other hand I think is a risk. New developers, has to live up to a hype, it has to succeed and can't reply on the fan base of previous Halo games - considering that since Halo 3 in 2007, the rest are just average.

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