The Xbox Exodus: How the PS3 could become a promised land

As Xbox Live continues being a disaster, providing headaches for gamers everywhere, tension is running high. A trip to the forums shows gamers with pitchforks and torches, storming the company's virtual castle and demanding satisfaction for their stressful gaming experiences. As people becme increasingly frustrated with Microsoft's XBL problems and shoddy hardware, all that Microsoft can do is shrug its shoulders and say "we know, we're great."

Why should it do more than that, though? It's not like these angry customers are cancelling their subscriptions in droves and going over to Sony. The Xbox 360 currently has very little to fear in terms of customer retaliation because it's still the best thing on the menu, despite leaving a bitter taste.

What if, however, something more palatable finally arrived? What if Sony cooked us a meal so delicious, it took away the aftertaste of yet another Red Ring of Death mixed in with another session of Halo 3 that saw you get booted halfway through? What if we stopped all these food metaphors? Destructoid explains how we could one day see an "Xbox Exodus," a time when people finally have an opportunity to go elsewhere and a day when a true rival emerges.

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Neurotoxin4035d ago

Who would have thought playing computer games enrolled you in a war between companies..... Seriously this is beyond Pathetic.

NeonSkull4035d ago

were gamers, most games involve conflict, we live for it. the console war is just a by product of our search for competion.

BrianC62344034d ago

I don't get all this crap about the PS3 not offering what the 360 offers. The PS3 has a lot going for it. It isn't really that expensive. Maybe I just look long term while most people are cheapskates that only see today. I see the most powerful console on the market that will see be great in five years. I see a console with a lot of great exclusives. It fully supports HD unlike the 360 and Wii so in a couple years it will look great while the others look outdated.

Gamers need to start looking long term and stop being so cheap. If you had brains you'd see the console that has the best long term life. I'm not being a Sony fanboy, just stating the facts. Blu-ray was bashed by a lot of people. Oh, we don't need it. DVD is great. Right. That's what they said about DVD the last generation. Look what happened once the PS2 started DVD rolling.

shylos104034d ago

It's all so true. Playstation has created brilliant exclusives every time. And everytime people that bought the rival consoles get really jealous and the games end up on the next gen console of the rival. So the PS3 is clearly going to have amazing exclusives that all the 360/wii fanboys will miss out on and then get the sequels to when the next gen 360/wii's are released.

Don't believe me,
Silent hill - PS1 exclusive, now on all platforms.
Resident evil - PS1 exclusive, now on all platforms
Devil may cry - PS2 exclusive, now xbox as well
Souledge - namechange and then on all platforms
We love katamari - sequel both 360 and ps3
metal gear solid got revived on PS1, now all platforms get different versions of the sony releases

the PS3 has lots of great exclusives in store for it. Anyone wimpering about the price, clearly wants to play the 4th installment of the cool games to come, when it come out on microsoft's next console.

lawman11084034d ago

The LIVE problems are more of a Sony nightmare, SOOOOOOOOOO many people bought a 360 and they all have a free trial of LIVE . Throw that many people on line that fast and BAM you get problems. Sony only wishes it had the number of people on it's "Network" to cause any problem at all. 17 million sold and counting, Sony? 8 million the Holidays are OVER, kids don't just run out and buy game systems they have to wait for Mom and Dad to buy them at Christmas and thats a year away. Boo-Hoo fan boys

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rich13er4035d ago

Land for Trolls. worhtless.....

TheHater4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I need to set up my xbox live account
How about Monday I give you my live account? I need to buy the 50 dollar card to set up live.
But the only game I have is Mass Effect

@Mesh1 update
I don't really care for GT5 because I am not a racing game fan. But MGS4 in my opinion is going to be great.

mesh14035d ago

from ur previuos post haha u wished u had a 360 so u could stop being a internet troll and play some games the 360 has won the console war deal with it =)2008 line up for the ps3 is a joke mgs4 and granturismo 2 games haha what a joke

bizi64984035d ago

360 has won nada except the blind devotion and the cash of some obnoxious fools: the final battle just started, and looks like Sony is very angry, in a hurry and determined to finish it clean. You brag about winning with 17M units? Duuuude, today, we all know Sony's gonna sell hundreds of millions of ps3s: the 360 is getting brutally pawned right now, at its peak, fair and square, only fools can't see that. Open your eyes and watch: the party is over, it's a steep downhill from now on for you xbots.

NeonSkull4035d ago

gt and mgs4 the only games i beg to differ follow the link mesh...


dragunrising4035d ago

Your a joke. Both companies are doing extremely well. The rate at which both consoles are selling amounts to more opponents to play against on Xbox Live and PSN. There is no console war if you own both consoles. Either way, the consumer always wins. Btw, despite fanboy screams of death, neither Xbox 360 or PS3 will go away.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

The PS3 is still dead last on everything. Last on AAAs, last on game sales, last on console sales, last online (3 million users with a 7 million install base, thats pathetic) last on GOTY games, last on downloadable content, last on rumble support (did Sony replace all those rumbleless controllers? haha) and last on multiplatform games looking and playing good. Yup like I said Sony is last on everything accept movies :) have a nice "still waiting" day

BTW which multi account are you? you droids have sooooo many multi accounts, it's hard to keep track of you.

dantesparda4035d ago

Hate to break it to you, but the PS3 outsold the 360 on worldwide sales in Dec.

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mintaro4035d ago

"xbox live continues to be a disaster" i swear its up and runnig now

Kleptic4035d ago

my roommate has had problems with CoD 4 everyday this year...constant connection drops and sign-outs...only to reconnect and have absolutely no one online (it seems everyone is getting dropped all at once ala Warhawk's beginning)...

that could be simply CoD 4 hasn't been too smooth for the PS3 over the last week or so PSN sign-outs...but lots of trouble joining anything (will constantly get you to host a game, instead of waiting and joining an existing one) well as having more party issues...UT3 on the other hand has been completely flawless since Christmas day for me (and overall has a far superior lobbying system than CoD 4)...

so not roommate and I have only been playing coD 4 as far as the 360 goes...not sure if he has tried Halo 3 since all these issues came may not be XBL...but being that that is pretty much all he has been using it for over break, there is no way to tell...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4035d ago

Yeah COD4 servers are really messed up right now, I seriously can't find any games. And I'm so damn close to getting a Gold Ak47.

Lew_Ijgee4035d ago

I'm not sure how things work on Xbox Live as far as who is responsible for the servers, but I believe that the PS3 version of COD4 servers (and many other games that use PSN) are administered by the game developers/publishers.

Jinxstar4035d ago

Anyone else want some popcorn?