HD DVD Is Dead: A Look At The Near and Long Term

Joseph Whip of writes

Well with the somewhat shocking news out of Warner that they are dropping support for HD-DVD and releasing their high-def titles exclusively on the Blu-Ray format and all the buzz that it has created on the web, I figured it was time that I offered my 2 cents on the issue as to what it all means both near term and long term.

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Darkiewonder4033d ago

I think we have enough HD-DVD news even if it's different opinion and views from different site.

I'm ready to read about new stuff now. games would be great.

TANOD4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

so lets celebrate by the news from various perspectives

DONT FORGET :- N4G has killed NEOGAF to become the most visited website .

WE NEED to inform CUSTOMERS who might be duped to buy an HD DVD player

Bill Gates4033d ago

No I don't think we do just yet. I could go another MONTH of these types of news just to keep kicking this dead Horse, and rub it real good in the faces of all the BABOONS on this site.

Keepem' coming.....AHHAHHAHAHHHHHAHA

TANOD4033d ago

see how MS has ripped you.


enjoy 1080p MOVIES on PS3


AngryTypingGuy4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Retard who nobody likes, saying that MS "ripped" people off simply because HD DVD is biting the big one is dumb. The success of HD DVD is not in MS's control. The death of a format does not equate to MS ripping people off.

chester4033d ago

actually if HD-DVD is officially dropped then that's when i'll buy the add-on or a stand-alone hd-dvd player because that's when the prices will be coming way down and next-gen high def movies will be affordable.

it's like everyone who is buying a ps2 now. even though really nothing new is being produced for it, people buy it because the prices are so low and the great games from last-gen are much cheaper now. i'm hoping that HD-DVD movies will become under $20 bucks and i can pick up a ton. they are still going to be great quality no matter if HD-DVD is dead. here's hoping that the prices bottom out because i'd love to own the bourne trilogy or batman begins or a bunch of other great movies that are currently only HD-DVD. i'm sure they will eventually become blu-ray, but probably for 34.99 a piece like most blu-rays up in canada.

resistance1004033d ago

The question is now, with the majority of internet sites declairing HD DVD dead, how long will it take before the general public finds out and how they will react

TANOD4033d ago

so that customers totally abandon HD DVD right from TODAY.

N4G is the most visited gaming website/community.

We killed Neogaf to become the no1 GAMING COMMUNITY

Antiomo4033d ago

1) Instant drop off of the original xbox
2) RROD on the current xbox's
3) and soon hd-dvd

PumPum4033d ago

All the problems with the P2P service you pay for called XBLIVE.

ichimaru4033d ago

who keeps approving these stories, we get it. this is annoying. in other newS the wii selling like cheap liquor, we've landed on the moon nd the yukon is inhabitable.

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The story is too old to be commented.