1UP: PS3 Will Get A Soul & Go Beyond 360

The first podcast of the year from 1UP starts with a bang as they preview 2008 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Some of the straight-forward predictions will either sadden, infuriate or delight you, as they discuss what both companies need to do to take advantage of each other as well as speaking of the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms; how will these translate to 2008 sales? Tune in from the 1hour 24minute mark.



-Has the Xbox 360 peaked with Halo 3?
-Xbox 720 announced before 2009?
-Xbox 360 Ultimate rumours
-Only hardcore audience?
-1st party situation for 2008


-Home's potential.
-Little Big Planet
-Could it eventually attract Wii-type audience?

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CRIMS0N_W0LF4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

its from 1up...

M$ Forgot their cheque

Jenzo i would take more bubbles from you if i could because only crap comes from your mouth but due to your multiple accounts you still have 5 bubbles.
mesh1 i would take bubbles from you but i can't. You are way worse then Jenzo when it comes to talking sh!t.
You're a joke
Just look at PC market and see yourself.

TANOD4566d ago

i am surprised too

1up/GS/EUROGAMER/EGM/EDGE are the worst MS biased websites/mags

InMyOpinion4566d ago Show
Meus Renaissance4566d ago

The 1UP podcast is my favourite, always has been. They're straight talking and criticise every console in the past. There is none of the bias you sense from the actual articles and editorials on the site. This week Microsoft seem to be on the edge of the blade.

TANOD4566d ago

How come you are still posting at N4G.

You can see that major xbots have fled this area after the WARNER's ANNOUNCEMENT.

Xtard just head to NEOGAF /XBOX KINGS where you will find some fellow bOts like you

4566d ago
InMyOpinion4566d ago

Thx for the tip, TANOD. Maybe there are reasonable people to discuss with on those sites. XboxKings sounds a bit biased for my taste though.

If I'm a "Xtard/b0t", then what are you?

Quick, use those other 10 accounts of yours to disagree with me!

bizi64984566d ago

you're damn right: are we gonna let these suckas get away with turning coats after the biggest bashing frenzy in gaming history?

hell no! it is time to hold news corps accountable: whether it's about gaming or war BTW.

1up/GS/EUROGAMER/EGM/EDGE: give'em the finger they deserve!
foxnews/cnn/cbs/msnbc/time: use you other hand but same finger.

GITPWNED4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

"the ps3 line up for 2008 is a joke mgs4 which looks crap compared to dark sector a 3rd party dev and a multiplat game and gt6 that it coming out fo rth eps3 while the 360 has alan wake/too human/gears of war2 saints row 2/deadislnad/warhound/ng2/ the ps3 is going to cry this 2008. there is actually no good game coming out for the ps3 its just hype from avid driods mgs4 didnt win any awards in any game shows last year and from what ive seen its looks and play very plain."

-Quoted for F*cking Truth! And before you droids disagree with me, I own all MGS games and have beaten each of them numerous times. Unlike you Halo-hating droid-f*ckers, I'm a gamer.

EDIT: Errrrr, no. But anyway, I'm not at all saying that MGS is a bad franchise, because it's not. It's great, it's just got some problems. And it sure as hell ain't no PS3rd savior like everyone is making it out to be. God of War 3 is the savior! Ain't no Kiddy Big World either.

macalatus4566d ago


LOL!! Wow, you can actually understand Mesh and his babble-o'-crap?!? We've been trying to figure his freakin' Klingon talk but to no avail, unless...(music please...TAN TAN TAN) you're actually HIM!!

heroman7114566d ago

"the ps3 line up for 2008 is a joke mgs4 which looks crap compared to dark sector a 3rd party dev and a multiplat game and gt6 that it coming out fo rth eps3 while the 360 has alan wake/too human/gears of war2 saints row 2/deadislnad/warhound/ng2/ the ps3 is going to cry this 2008. there is actually no good game coming out for the ps3 its just hype from avid driods mgs4 didnt win any awards in any game shows last year and from what ive seen its looks and play very plain."

Resistance 2
killzone 2
Grand turismo 5
socom confrontations
Tekken 6
Little big planet
God of war 3 ( possible 09 release )

yup that all looks like crap to me ( sarcasm )

heyheyhey4565d ago

saints row 2 is for ps3 as well- owned

oh yeah and please go to school once in a while ok? you know to learn how to spell/punctuate/type/use intelligence- haven't heard of any of of those things? don't worry you'll find out just go to school

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Meus Renaissance4566d ago

I have to admit there's more about Microsoft in this part of the podcast than anything else, and it's somewhat negative aside from the fact that Xbox 360 will remain successive through 2008, but crucially not on a level that could match the PlayStation 3.

That is their prediction.

MADGameR4566d ago

?? Ok FIRST OFF, WHAT THE F*CK is WRONG WITH YOU?! I think you need your brain remodeled kid! just kill yourself! Let me say this, 360 line up in 2008 is THE BIGGEST JOKE in gaming HISTORY! PS3 lineup will put PS3 BEYOND the 360. Hows that? It is the TRUTH. 360 fans, you can deny it all you want! Sorry but when someone goes TOO far up their @ss to BS, I have to defend whichever console they overestimate.

Lifendz4566d ago

They said the 360 would top off and more or less have regular numbers. MS released all their major hitters in 07: Halo 3, Bio-Shock, Mass Effect, etc etc. Besides Gears 2 there really is nothing that is going to drive sales on the 360. In fact, I say Gears 2 won't drive sales. Think about it. If you like Gears enough to buy a 360 then wouldn't you already have one by now? MS gave its best shot in 07 and didn't put Sony away.

Sony, conversely, has yet to really show its true potential. It has yet to "max out". Also, Sony has multiple IPs. MS' power is all in one game-Halo. That series is done. Sony has yet to give us the majors-God of War, GT5, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, etc etc.

So yeah, Sony is going to rise up in numbers this year while 360 numbers will more or less stay consistent.

And if you disagree please man up and tell me what game is going to move units for 360. What game is going to get someone that passed on Halo, Gears, and all the rest to plunk down for a 360. The only one I see is GTA IV. If GTA IV is the same on both platforms AND 360 is cheaper, then yes...people will pick up a 360 just to play GTA IV.

Lew_Ijgee4566d ago

With, "If GTA IV is the same on both platforms AND 360 is cheaper, then yes...people will pick up a 360 just to play GTA IV."

If it is the same for both platforms, then a smart consumer will choose which system has other games that he/she would enjoy and purchase that version.

Lifendz4566d ago

a smart consumer? Are you kidding? Yes a "smart consumer" would do that research but most consumers are not "smart" in the typical sense of the word. They do not do that sort of research. You know how I know? I bet a good number of 360 buyers didn't know about the potential for RROD. Heck, I still see people that bought 40 gb PS3s complaining about no backwards compatiablity. So yeah, a smart consumer would not let GTA be a deciding factor if it were the same on both but, as I've just shown, we know that most consumers are not this way.

My point remains. The next big 360 spike in sales will only come if GTA IV is identical (or nearly identical) on both consoles and the 360 is cheaper. That's when all these people that are still on the fence walk into a store to get GTA IV and have to choose between the two consoles. I guarantee you most of these people leave with a 360 if PS3 is still starting at 399 and the cheapest 360 is more than 100 bucks cheaper.

cmrbe4566d ago

The GTA Series has generally been a PS series and the majority of the GTA fanbase are PS2 owners.Since most are PS2 fans they would want to play other returning PS franchise so i think they would buy PS3 mostly for GTA and other PS exclusives such as GT5 and MGS4.

TheExecutive4565d ago

Ladies and gentlemen.... GTA is still largely seen as a PS franchise and will forever be associated with the ps2. Just because a 360 is cheaper (not by much either, excluding that joke of a console "the arcade") doesnt mean that people will rush out and buy a 360. They will stand there in the store, weigh their options and choose which console suits them best.

It isnt all about price, its about quality, name recognition, and games and and and...

Lifendz4565d ago

I hope you're right. I know from firsthand experience that most of my friends that are 360 owners are because they were able to get the system for less than a PS3. The common answer when I say "why not PS3?" is "I couldn't afford it".

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HarryEtTubMan4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

tHE ps3 IS GONNA BECOME MAINSTREAM...just like every other Playstation. I love whe people lie and pretend the 360 will outsell the PS3... it's never gonna happen.

PS3 will win in Hardware for most of 2008...but it wont start killing it until 2009 when the rpice is 250$. THe 360 is gonna get pwned. The PS3 is too strong and will be here too long. Its gonna sale like a Playstation

Obviously the PS3 cant outsell the 360 in software sales until it catches up(even though it just wa i Europe and Japan) it will take a couple or even 3 years in the u.s.

FordGTGuy4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

month by month by almost 2:1. Sometimes 1UPYours says some really stupid things. BTW there is no way Home and Little Big Planet can give that much of a boost in sales and do they really think they will attract the Wii audience at that price range?

1)Little Big Planets Lesson:
Uncharted is a perfect example being a very good game but barely sold even in the PS3 fanbase let alone sell to many PS3s. Sony is so worked up in Blu-Ray right now that they are selling the PS3 to people who bought it for a Blu-Ray player and could careless about games. The last thing I would say is that its not innovative and that Garry's Mod has been doing what LBP is trying to do for years. Although I might be wrong seeing as well as Counterstrike was doing on PC FPSs on consoles exploded in sales. So we will just have to see how it turns out.

Meus Renaissance4566d ago

No I don't think they were just specifically referring to LBP, but the console in general with the game genre's it will inherit from its older brother, the PS2. When the price range drops to an affordable level for most people, around late 2008 I suppose, the PlayStation 3 will attract consumers from that audience type, because of the brand recognition, and because there will the software to appease them. LBP will be the starter to this theme, that is the jist of their comment.

Growth in audience.

Whereas they commented Microsoft will struggle to get the same results. So basically, Sony are able to appeal to the Wii audience more so than Microsoft are.

TANOD4566d ago

actually PS3 outsold X360 by 110 000 units last week in terms of worldwide sales

delusional BOT ----things have changed

It is over for HD DVD and X360

Vip3r4566d ago

The PS3 has been outselling the 360 in Europe, Asia and Worldwide for quite a while now.

Devr4566d ago

VGChartz may not be exactly accurate, but there's no way 360 is outselling the Ps3 2:1. In November the 360 outsold the Ps3 1,6:1(NPD numbers). In Japan the 360 is, well, failing. In Europe the consoles are somewhat on par, but no one can be sure because there's no way to track those sales.

xplosneer4566d ago

VGchartz I hate, but in this case, I noticed that, according to them, Uncharted has sold just over 700,000 copies.

heroman7114566d ago

@ ford
isnt sony like totally destroying 360 in overall europe and japan sales ?

karlostomy4565d ago (Edited 4565d ago )


Here's a nice fact for you:

If the PS3 outsells the 360 by 110000 units EVERY month for the next 7 YEARS it will only just have caught up to the 8- 9 million gap by which it lags currently. yes, i am right, tanod, et al, do the maths!

Am i saying the PS3 will be DEADLAST until 2015 at current favourable sales rates?

yep. i am.

ouch! ouch! did i mention Ouch?

Hey, here's another possibility:
What if MS drops the price to catch the WII price elasticity of demand and 360 sales jump again due to the lower price?
Perhaps the PS3 will never catch up? Do you live in fear or what?

Oh deary me. keep waiting Tanod. keep hoping. keep praying.... oh sheesh... just keep posting your trash comments! I keep you off ignore because your comments remind me to laugh at least once a day...

Goddam you must hate people like me who can actually use logic and accurate numbers...

@ below
1. IS your name Tanod? No? then STFU.
2. The ps2 had no real competiton. The ps3 has lots. In fact it's LAST!
3. Do you really see the 360 getting abandoned by MS? Come on man, you're smarter than that? aren't you?
4. Try to use some logic next time. It won't hurt you. much.

m91058264565d ago

If you could use logic, you'd be able to figure out that for the PS2, the majority of sales came long after the first couple of years. When the price drops into Average Joe zone, sales will take off. That's common sense. No one can say how much they will take of, but no one can say that a lower price won't move more units. When Microsoft inevitably drops support for the 360, as they have done for every product they have ever released after a newer version comes out, PS3 sales will have no competition in their generation, just as the PS2 does now.

Lifendz4565d ago

it will just cruise. It's in the latter stage of it's life. It gave the best it could and that's usually when a system is ready to go into retirement. Like the PS2. Not done but not exactly showing you anything new.

PS3 has nothing but bigs to show. Nothing but killer IPs coming. You know all those stuidos Sony owns? Yeah, we haven't seen a whole lot from them yet but it's coming. Jak and Daxter is coming. Resistance 2 is coming. And 3rd parties are starting to see how to tap the power of the PS3.

So yeah, 360 will continue to put up consistent numbers but Sony is going to take it's spot in '08.

heyheyhey4565d ago

yes you are right if the ps3 outsells the 360 by 110,000 each they will only catch up 2015, BUT you seem to forget that people go nuts for mgs and ff so that will increase that monthly sales gap by what? 5 MILLION OR SO?

and as so for prices- all three consoles will be getting price cuts so the 360 will never be that much cheaper than ps3- hell the elite costs the same as the 40gb in the UK and the other SKU's are jokes and MS will eventually abandon them to try and compete with the ps3- and that will leave a very teeny tiny gap in terms of price

sorry but- you lose

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vloeistof4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

even 1up realize it ( i know bad english sorry )

this will heat up fast.

the dark knight is blu !!!!!!!

FordGTGuy4566d ago

what a surprise and Garnette is such a p*ssy in arguments. Luke Smith FTMFW!

Lifendz4565d ago

not just Shane. In fact, Shane didn't say it first. It was Garnett. Shane was actually relieved and said "you said it not me." Sorry but it's true. PS3's 08 is going to be better than 360's 07. And if FFXIII makes a release or FFvs then it's over. PS3 owns.

Heck, 08 looks so good they could save God of War III for 09.