Blu-ray Standalone's Outsold HD DVD players in December despite $99 Sale

Media Wonk attended an industry dinner in Hollywood in early December where he ran into Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group president Kevin Tsujihara and home video president Ron Sanders.

According to Sanders, however, Warner's decision was driven by consumer behavior, more than an expectation of resolving the format war.

"It's hard for us to speculate about impact this will have on the format war. All we can do really is make the best decision for our business and the rest of it will really take care of itself, in time," he said. "One of the things you see in the NPD data for this fourth quarter was that even with a $100 [price] premium, Blu-ray set tops outsold HD set tops in December. Even with Toshiba having the lowest-cost player in the market, software sales remained 2 to 1 in favor of Blu-ray."

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THE_JUDGE4029d ago

thats new right there. The reason why they out sold is because they have the most movies and arguably the best movies available in HD! Go Blu!!!

TANOD4029d ago

even at 99$ HD DVD couldnt outsell BD standalone players in NA

can you even imagine the scenario in EU and JAPAN?

drtysouf 214029d ago

all HD DVD fans thought would end the format war then it got beat.

This should be a lesson to those who think the PS3 won't eventually overtake the 360.

TheXgamerLive4028d ago

They mist be counting Ps3 sales as well, there's no other way otherwise.

drtysouf 214028d ago

They are not counting PS3 and this is coming straight from Warner Brothers about NPD results. So this is official. Read the whole article.

Guwapo774028d ago

I thought the samething too. All I saw the whole hoilday season was how many HD-DVD players were sold. Comes to find out it was outsold by Blu's standalones... very surprising news to me as well.

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resistance1004029d ago

and this is before the over a million PS3's sold in that month.

December really has been one heck of a month for sony

I feel bad because yesterday i saw someone picking up a HD DVD player in Tesco, i wonder what there reaction would have been once they found out about Warner going blu

rawd4028d ago

LOL i saw some old guy walking out of a local electronic store smiling ear to ear with his brand new planter, I mean HD-DVD player

PStriple7034029d ago

sony is really showing how 08 will be there year!

Antiomo4029d ago

Toshiba screwed them self seriously.

ppl who thought 99 hd-dvd players will pull through are thinking way too one sided.
ITs good for consumers in the short term, but consumer electronic companys want to make money esp for new tech..

99 dollars for new tech means low profit margins... hence the reason why toshiba only produced the hardware.

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The story is too old to be commented.