Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Trailer in HD

Get wet with Team Ninja's newest graphical masterpiece, the Xbox 360 exclusive, Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2! All your favorite DOA girls are back and ready to battle it out in the tropical waters of Zack's Island.

Race high performance personal watercrafts, compete in assorted and alluring activities, sunbathe on white sand beaches, and go all-in at Zack's Casino. Choose your own adventure on Zack's Island and play at your own leisure in this non-linear, incredibly beautiful, sequel of life in paradise.

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willud4skins5848d ago

i looks like team ninja has increased each characters boob size and i agree with the decision. they were way too small in the previous games.

zonetrooper55848d ago

lol, well i'm not sure if i will get his game but its great soft porn for your dad haha.

kmis875848d ago

This kid in my tenth grade computer science class got in trouble for downloading over 500 screens from the first game and burning them onto a disc. Did anyone here play the first game? Is it a good game or is it just softcore porn? I haven't heard anyone talk about playing it so I'm just curious.

willud4skins5848d ago

these games are just softcore porn. they are no fun at all with your pants on.