IMPRESSIONS: Kid Icarus Uprising by

While the original Kid Icarus was a 2D platforming adventure, Kid Icarus Uprising blends elements of pseudo 3D shooters like Space Harrier with those of on-rail shooters like Panzer Dragoon, and throws in a little bit of exploration shooting like… um… Resident Evil: Survivor? There’s a lot of good, old, gameplay mechanics that Icarus Uprising borrows and does better than anything that’s come before it. There’s also a smattering of new ideas that are really good as well. I mean, the game really shines; but a game is only as good as how it plays, and that’s where Kid Icarus Uprising falls almost completely apart.

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Eternalb2391d ago

Those controls are a real pain.... What was Nintendo thinking?

CaptainN2391d ago

The game is a gem.......the amount of features, the type of gameplay,AR cars, the graphic style,the multiplayer,and the funny voice acting all help in making this title stand out as a must have game on 3DS. The controls are the only flaw in this game, and even though they aren't the best, after a few play throughs they are manageable. The game takes getting used to in that dept, but that shouldn't deter anyone from buying and or playing this game. The amount of effort that was put into this game shows. Many forget that this was the first game ever made for the 3DS. And yet it kept being pushed back to add more things into it. Maybe the addition of the Circle pad add on would have made the game easier to control, but it may also have have delayed the game again.It technically does use the add on to make left handed players more comfortable. Either way, everyone should try this game who has a 3DS or is thinking about buying one.