BioWare Office Billboard May Be Next Target For Outraged Fans, Cupcakes Go To Charity

According to a forum on, a site dedicated to discussing the "Mass Effect" franchise, one user came up with a plan to "retake" the billboard outside of BioWare's Edmonton office.

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Topshelfcheese2487d ago

How about we all go play one of the hundreds of other games out there, and stop with all this crying. The game is over, DEAL with it...

karlowma2487d ago

It's not over until these same people have something else in their overly entitled lives to obsessively complain about.

Grow up.

IDonQuixote2487d ago

I'm sorry if you disagree, but I'm afraid I don't see the harm in sending thousands of dollars in cash and cupcakes to charity and children to let a strongly supported opinion be known by the devs.

If the issue doesn't matter to you, that's fine, and I won't criticize you for that opinion, but please don't ridicule those of us who want to see the Mass Effect universe get an ending that seems like it was actually worked on.

ziggurcat2486d ago

you know, it's one thing to donate money to charity because you believe in the cause and want to actually support sick children, and another thing to donate money because you want a different outcome to a *video game*.

quite frankly, the latter is incredibly selfish because these people really don't give 2 s***s about sick kids, they only care about themselves and their unrealistic expectations in a video game.

i think people thinking that their choices were unique is a complete failure to understand that video games operate on very narrow algorithms, and while it seems that you're making dozens of game-altering decisions, you're really only on one (or very few) pre-determined path(s).

MacUser19862486d ago

Well to sum it up if BioWare doesn't start respecting it's fans then ME3 is the last game I'm buying from that developer.