GamesBeat reviews Xenoblade Chronicles

A lengthy rundown on Monolith Soft's new RPG for the Wii, as well as a look at how "Xeno" became a beloved (and be-hated) name among hardcore gamers.

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8bit_Nes_Rambo2393d ago

Don't bother clicking on this article. The reviewers mad at Japan or Jrpgs or something. Little objectivity mostly just frothing anger thrown in with personal bias.

Instigator2393d ago

The score isn't too shabby either way, though I'd definitely put it in the 90+ range.

Stinky_Fish2393d ago

"That said, someday the Japanese RPG business is going to have to call
a moratorium on certain tendencies in storytelling. "

Why? They do the best stories

"Yes, it’s nice to
see love conquer all and triumph over the forces of fear and mistrust,
but it’s been done."

So has every story

"Sure, it’s great when two races of age-old enemies
find a way to grow beyond their ancient struggles, but we’ve heard that
song before. There’s something to be said when the hero of a game is a
fresh-faced empty vessel with no personality beyond being a really swell
guy, but…wait, no, that’s just stupid, period, and it needed to stop
happening many years ago."

Better than wrpgs where the main characters have no personalities at all

"Western console RPGs have smartly started exploring different themes
and story possibilities over the last 10 years or so"

no they havent. They are more generic than almost anything else

"which might have
something to do why they’re becoming more and more popular the world

japanese rpgs in total are BY FAR, more popular worlwide, it isnt even close........hell theres only 2 decent western rpg devs

"Japan could stand to follow the same path."

stay away from japan