Editorial: Hate Math? Start Playing Video Games

Over at the Ohio Supercomputer Center in Columbus, officials have suggested that high schools need to seriously consider offering courses in video game design so that the younger generations will have a more entertaining source to help then get "hooked on math and science and on the path to a career in computer design".

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Darkiewonder4573d ago

Got a DS? If yes, then you're in luck, Nintendo plans to release Maths Training. you get to play a game AND learn math at the same time! It's a win-win situation there!

BUT anyways,

High Schools in general need to support some video game design. The only schools I know are the ones that focus on design and technology stuff. I definitely love programming classes in high school, while it didn't teach me much I ventured off learning my own thing at my own pace. Good stuff!

astrobrights4573d ago

Video game design education really needs to start at the high school level or even as early as middle school in my opinion.