Devs VS Fans = We All Lose

The internet has been all a rage lately with the controversy over the Mass Effect 3 ending. From gamers demanding refunds, to launching petitions for a rewrite, to a donation fund devoted to a new ending and even a FTC complaint, I’ve never seen such a snafu over 10 minutes of video game time ever. In the end its turned into a fight that highlights two combatants, Developers and the Fans. However in this fight I don’t think anyone can win, in the end we all will lose.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2481d ago


I stopped reading when the author said he liked/though the ending fit the universe. I'm not surprised though. The only person that would write an article like this is someone that is a bit upset and tired that they are in the minority which in this case would be those that liked the ending.

Mythicninja2481d ago

I stopped reading when read the first sentence of the preview

Baka-akaB2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Not going to bother reading it . WHy is the media always so adamant in taking the side of the "poor little dev/publisher" .

Bloggers and (fake) journalists are so out of touch with gamers that it's downright pathetic .

They see an argument or any kind of complaints from gamers and by default , for the f*** of it and hits take the opposed stance .

As an example Should sony , ms or nintendo announce a 2500 dollars console , you'd see people complain , and suddenly lots of shitty " why XX console isnt really that expensive and worth it" , "Why shouldnt you complain about the price" , "Why gamers shouldnt be the ones to decide" articles and opinion pieces .

MeatAbstract2481d ago

I'd actually recommend reading the entire article, it was a good read.