DZ - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Review (9.5/10)

UK based DarkZero reviews Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on PS3.

"Uncharted is the first and currently the only game available that has successfully implemented a true cinematic approach to proceedings. The camera, the disappearing HUD, the pacing, the twists, the humorous moments, the breathtaking views, the voice acting and the cutscenes are all pulled off to near perfection."

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RadientFlux4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

While Uncharted is a great game (in my top ten of 2007) I disagree with it being the first real "cinematic game". Great cinematic games have always been around even before games started appearing on CDs and DVDs.

Even in 2007 I would place Mass Effect above Uncharted when it comes to cinematic game experience.

@Tanod : please keep wasting your bubbles by commenting on what I am saying because it doesn't bother me, since I won't even bother clicking on "show"

TANOD4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

UNCHARTED looks not just better BUT MILESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS better than anything on X360.

Nathan's sleeve has 10x more polygons than an entire scene in MASS EFFECT


Uncharted makes Mass effect look like a GENUINE WII GAME

Mass effect/any x360 game ==cartoon film experience

UNCHARTED ==movielike experience

HEAVENLY SWORD ===partial movielike experience

@BOT above

stop posting in ps3 section. Your delusional comparison bothers us as well as the REPUTATION OF UNCHARTED as the BEST LOOKING GAME OF ALL TIME

Others this is UNCHARTED for you:-


n4gTurnsU_WickedGay4029d ago

come on man. it's foolish to say that Uncharted is the first cinematic game. i'm a huge fan of the ps3 and uncharted but uncharted is not the best game ever.

don't get me wrong, i loved it. it's the best game graphically that has come out, but just like all games it has it's flaws. like the fact that drake displayed inhuman upper body strength but he if fell more than 10 ft. he died. he could throw himself around like the Prince of Persia but his legs seemed to be made of glass.
and the puzzles were not very hard. i spent no more than 10 minutes on each one.

as for the cinematic experience of's awesome, but not the first. Shadow of the Colossus, for me at least, was just as cinematic as Uncharted, if not more so. the sense of scale and wonder in SOTC, when your next Colossi lumbers into view for the first time, is incredible...then you have to climb the giant and figure out how to kill it. one of the most amazing games ever.

cinematic games have been around for decades. any game that conveys emotion is cinematic. and to say otherwise is idiotic.

HarryEtTubMan4029d ago

Uncharted is in a league of it's own.

TANOD4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

in all areas except the FOLIAGE

However the buildings,walls,skin textures,amount of ploys,water are wayy better on UNCHARTED than CRYSIS

cant believe that some BOTS compare UNCHARTED with a cartoon game like MASS EFFECT


i posted the screenshots and everyone knows that i am right

even GAMESRADAR agrees with me ---UNCHARTED has the best water

what an abnormal BOT

Uncharted uses DIRECT DATA STREAMING /POST CACHE MAPPING/POST DATA STREAMING which nullifies the need for extra RAM

UNCHARTED has 0 loading times.

DONT forget PS3 has 256mb of very efficient and very fast XDR RAM at 3.2ghz accessible by RSX

CELL can do all works of the GPU but better

eg CELL can do realtime raytracing which a GPU cant

in order to know more read this TARD:-


everyone with disagree with you XTARD cuz after seeing the screenshots/playing the game only a BLIND XTARD LIKE YOU would say otherwise ...MADNESS!!!

digger184029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

2.1 - UNCHARTED murders CRYSIS...lmaooo

You really are a blind fanboy.

No way can a game on a 512mb console compete with a game that needs 4 gigs of ram and three Geforce 8800 ultra's with 768mb each (thats 2304mb of graphics ram total) like Crysis does. That why, if they ever ported Crysis to consoles it would have cut down graphics.

omg..a disagree. This site is really full of little kiddies. Prove me wrong if you disagree.

@TANOD. Sorry to say this, but I brought Uncharted on day of release here in the UK and after an hour or so I gave it to my son. Judging by playing the game and looking at those screen shots, it looks like a cartoony high res PS2 game (Tomb Raider) and only a blind fanboy will say any different.

[email protected] calling me a XTARD. I have more PS3 games than I have Xbox 360 games. Damn, I may even have more PS3 games than you.

I'm not a blind fanboy than alot of the guys in here, it just that I'm not a kiddie (41 years old) and cry every time something bad is said about their console of choice.

picker3324029d ago

I've only played the demo of uncharted but never really got into it,Just me i quess.
But the graphic is beautiful indeed!
But better then Crysis?I don't know about that.
I mean for exemple the blood in uncharted is(at least the demo)was kind of unrealistic,looked like worms sometimes.
But that's maby only was in the demo,i don't know?

Bibto4029d ago

Uncharted is a great game and really worth picking up. I finished it last weekend and wanted to play through again to get all the rewards and treasures, but then I started playing Tools of Destruction.

Tools of Destruction is the most fun I've had in a video game since Psychonauts. I just can't stop playing the game.

aggh im on fire4029d ago

I agree with radient flux. Although i enjoyed playing encharted and think its a good game Mass effect is better as a game as a whole. And graphic wise Crysis and gears are still better, seem to be more textures and sharper in those. Still a good game though.

TANOD4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

You never played Uncharted cuz you own just an X360

Unchrted is GRAPHICALLY at least 50x better than Gears

Gears is a downgraded version of UT3

even MARK reign himself said that UT3 looks better than Gears

as for CRYSIS the only area where it beats Uncharted is the FOLIAGE .

excepting that UNCHARTED murders CRYSIS in other areas.


everyone who has played Uncharted agreees that it is the best looking game ver created

However those who disagree are actually XTARD who dont own a PS3/never played UNCHARTED

washed out games like Mass Effect and Gears are compared to UNCHARTED????

bozobucketeer4029d ago

Tanod, have you played Mass Effect? Cuz I have a feeling you don't own a 360. Which kind of makes your point moot. I'm not saying your wrong for saying Uncharted looks better than ME or GoW, I'm just saying stop talking out of your ass. Btw, when did graphics become more important than gameplay?

RadientFlux4029d ago

Both Mass Effect and Uncharted are in different genre so it's really not fair to compare them in most aspects (ie graphics, storyline)

But I feel it is fair to compare them when it comes to cinematic since through out my many years of playing video games genre really had no bearing on what games I found more cinematic then others.

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