Is Sega Really in Trouble?

IGN takes a look at this well-loved company's fading fortunes and analyzes its chances of future success.

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BitbyDeath2395d ago

Nintendo should buy them.

Information Minister2394d ago

In the 90s, those words would have been blasphemy!

BitbyDeath2394d ago

True but that was then.
Sonic hasn't really evolved a great deal, really he should have gone down the Ratchet and Clank path but somehow lost direction.

If Nintendo bought Sega they could live in what they're doing without worries and even revive some of their old classics like Alex the Kidd.

_Aarix_2394d ago

Segas not in trouble -_-

AusRogo2394d ago

I hope not! Sonic Generations is the first decent Sonic game ive played in years since sonic adventure, so I hope they continue doing everything right!

CrescentFang2394d ago

If they really are, it's very sad. They've been releasing very good games for the past few years (though some I wished were localized...)

deno2394d ago

My favorite gaming company by far. I just purchased binary domain and yakuza dead souls. Great games by the way, I also recommend them my friends.

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