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Charlie writes:

"Now personally, I don’t really buy any Ubisoft games on the PC; its always the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3 for me. But if there’s one thing that just bugs the hell out of me and some of my PC loving friends, is that Ubisoft have had a habit to delay PC versions of games. But why? The answer is clear…"

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Orpheus2390d ago

This monkey A** UBisoft will never learn ..... let them rot in hell .....

humbleopinion2390d ago

But isn't Ubisoft like one of the only big publishers who actually still makes PC exclusive games?

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ShadowSniper2390d ago

Why Ubisoft?? Why?!!! You continue to hurt us like how Nintendo continues to dissapoint..

StayStatic2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I bet Ubisoft creamed their pants when they heard rumors that the next gen consoles will not support used games & have some kind of DRM in place.

No_Pantaloons2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

They do it to curb piracy, but really the pirates aren't gonna buy the game anyways, they'll just wait the extra couple months playing other games.
And those that would have bought it on pc are less inclined to run out and buy since the hype has died down and they can wait for a sale.

If they think that somehow pc gamers will buy the console version instead of waiting they are sadly misinformed.

Psychotica2390d ago

I have bought several console versions of games and later bought the PC version

Chrono2390d ago

I don't think there are pirates who would get it on the other consoles because they can't wait. Most pirates play PC games only. There also a lot of legit PC gamers who don't have consoles. There's no reason for the delays.

pandehz2390d ago

Yea I wouldnt buy a console version of something I can get for my pc. Only console games I actually buy are the exclusives.

Mythicninja2390d ago

Still waiting for red dead redemption on PC, though at this point it probably won't happen. And unfortunately that means I won't be playing it, unless this rumor that windows 8 had an xbox emulation suite turns out to be true (I'm pretty sure it will not)

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catfrog2390d ago

meh, its probably a good idea, pc sales are a very big source of revenue for most games anyways, so they figure that theyre probably not loosing much.

if pc gamers want to be treated better they should start voting with their wallets. if only games with limited drm were bought, companies would start limiting the amount of drm in their games. if only games that were released on pc on same day as console were bought, they would start having concurrent release dates

Somebody2388d ago

I wish I could agree to this logic but I haven't a single Ubisoft game ever since their horrible DRM went active. Except for one that used Steam instead last year.

I'm interested with the latest Ghost Recon and when I heard that it's going to use a ONE time activation, I'm partly sold.The other skeptical part? Ubisoft "lied" about the true nature of From Dust's supposedly one time activation system.

I'll be waiting how it'll work out with Ghost Recon before I "vote" with my wallet. I'm a PC gamer and I"m willing to part with my money legitimately. Just get that offensive DRM away from me.

catfrog2386d ago

i would play on my pc more if the drm problem went away, right now i mostly play on my ps3 because its just easier, no activations or anything. if i want to play i start a game, nothing else.

i would love to switch to pc, but i also want to be able to come back to my games three or four years ago and say to myself "i liked that game, im going to play it again" and not pop it into my computer to see a "this cant be installed on your pc because you've upgraded your GPU". that would ruin my day, and this fear is a big reason why my votes go towards consoles.

if DRM was brought down to a manageable amount i would definitely play my pc more, but as it is, my pc generally only sees pc exclusive games. sad, i put a lot of money into it :(

Somebody2386d ago

Sound logic and I assume it's the one that most console gamers use to justify their choice.
It is a pickle. A trade off.

Deus Ex Human Revolution seems to dislike Win 7 user account setting so it refuses to boot. I recently discovered that Dead Space 2 and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (2011) kept asking for online activation but they won't boot up after that. From the forums I heard that disabling some Windows service will get them play but that leave your PC exposed to online threats.Not what you want when some developers want PC games to be connected to internet all the time. Adding more and more proprietary clients (e.g .Steam, Origin, Uplay) would certainly potentially bring more trouble.

Unless, for some strange reason, the whole gaming industry comes together and build a single unifying client that simplifies use, manage system requirements and stability and promote everyone's games equally...with the added bonus of a flexible and likable DRM that ensure smooth gaming and content protection.

Meh. I'm just dreaming of some impossible shit.