Controversy & Outrage: How the Biggest Releases of March Fell Short of Expectations

GP: "When it comes to game releases, you never know what you're actually going to get. Something that you originally thought was going to be one of your favorites for the whole year could end up being a flop with terrible reviews, or a game you've never even heard of might end up being a must buy.

Each month is different in the gaming market. You could get a flood of amazing games, or an avalanche of terrible games nobody wants to play, or the market could just dry up and force consumers to finally dig into that backlog they have. March was arguably one of those bad months."

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Tommy3344436d ago

I thought this was gonna be a sales. Because games sales this gen have been terrible.

gameswriter4430d ago

Great piece - games just cost sooo much that the developers really need to do their homework before releasing them especially in these tough economic times where games might just not be the first thing on peoples lists. I have been checking the release dates here in the UK for new titles and it actually goes quiet until May when we have Dragons Dogma and Max Payne - that has to be saying something. Hopefully it will mean more quality than quantity then.


Mass Effect 3's Ending for Javik Misses the Forest for the Trees

Based on one narratively fitting ending in Mass Effect 3, Prothean squadmate Javik is highly unlikely to return in the next Mass Effect game.

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anast80d ago

He was one of my least favorite characters. I wish they would have done the Proths different.


The Best Silent Hill Characters Ranked

A breakdown of the best Silent Hill Characters that inspired and frightened gamers.

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Street Fighter X Tekken May Be Purchasable On Steam Soon

Or it's about to leave the storefront like another Capcom title.

Darkegg130d ago

When they announce tekken x street fighter, let me know.