Pach-Attack! - Does Nintendo Resist Change?

What is the future of game streaming services?

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Stinky_Fish2488d ago

lets pretend nintendo doesnt innovate the most

MoFo11112488d ago

Sony steals a lot of ideas from them.

cyclonus0072487d ago

Everyone steals ideas from everyone.

Shok2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )


Yes, but some steal more than others.

I'm pretty sure I don't have to say who steals the most, and who steals the least.......

2487d ago
Shok2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )


I know right? Nintendo resists change yet we have the Wiimote? Wii U Pad? N64 controller? Rumble? Dual-screen handhelds? Definitely not changes lol /s

Machioto2487d ago

I found out something weird about the rumble feature that people said Sony copied, they both came out,at least state wise in 1997 but the difference is Sony's version was built in while nintendo's require a battery.

Shok2487d ago

And there goes the stealth disagrees lol. The community in this site is pathetic.

madjedi2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Pathetic for not agreeing or wanting to argue with a fanatical nintendo fanboy, why could that be.

gamernova2487d ago

Nintendo is the apple of the console world

n4gisatroll2487d ago

I think...Nintendo is more arrogant than anything. Sure...people will say they started this and that, but they are very arrogant about everything they do. Which is why when the Playstation used cd, they were still using cartridge. Which is why, when Sony and Microsoft came out with this gen, Nintendo came out with a gamecube that plays motion games, and called it new. I'm sorry, but people give Nintendo way too much credit.

dark-hollow2487d ago

Think about it.
The gamecube failed miserably against the competition and do you think Nintendo is able to afford to lose third Gen on a row?

When Sony or Microsoft lose profits and stay in the red, it won't hurt them that much because they are much much larger companies than Nintendo ans have other markets to profit from.

Nintendo got gaming, and if they lost that they are done....

cyclonus0072487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Nintendo doesn't resist change; they are trying to shift the market to play to their strengths. Bright, familiar, family-oriented gaming while Sony and Microsoft are more targeted to teens and adults who want more mature games.

Nintendo is like Disney: you are either a lifelong fan or you grow out of them like I did and never look back

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