Assassin's Creed & The Future Of Sandbox Games

Chris Kohler's talks about Henry Jenkins's article and take on AC and future Sandbox games and tackles with questions like: "What is the exact definition of sandbox. Is Mario 64 a sandbox game?"

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MK_Red4033d ago

While I don't agree with some of their points and absoluty hate that stupid harsh review of AC, overall they make some valid point.
With games like Assassins and Crackdown released and upcoming heavy hitters like Prototype, Mercs 2 and InFamous, the sandbox genre (By oldschool free roaming definition) has a bright future.
Plus, games like Battlefield Bad Company, Fallout 3 and Borderlands could also be considered sandbox games while still being mainly FPS, RPG and Shooter in respective order.

Shankle4033d ago

Don't forget Far Cry 2!
And what's the difference between FPS and shooter?

MK_Red4033d ago

Good point mentioning FarCry 2.
I used Shooter for Borderlands since I'm not sure if it will be in thrid person or first person.

Little Big Planet could also be considered sandbox though more than anything, LBP could be game 2.0 :)

Shankle4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Well in fact the term sandbox probably applies more to littlebigplanet than any other game there is. It's a playful environment in which you can create things out of a simple material, and have fun doing it!

That was a bit weird, wasn't it.....

Anyway yeah that's gonna be a great game, although I don't like raising my expectations as high as that. I don't expect it to be revolutionary, and I don't think it would be as much of a system seller as some people believe. If it has offline 4 player (it looks like it but i can't be sure) then I think it might have a chance of being the PS3s super smash bros, but it has to be REALLY fun for that.

And also, from what I've heard, it sounds like borderlands might be as much about driving as it is about shooting.

MK_Red4033d ago

Agreed. It's more sandbox than anything.
But while I agree on it being really fun yet having little chance to be a huge system seller, I believe LPB is revolutionary. Me and my co-workers didn't spend a lot of time with LBP but even that little time proved one thing: LBP IS the Game 2.0 and real revolution.

Gorgon4032d ago

Actually I don´t agree with the definition of Sandbox exposed in this article. Free-roaming/open-ended gameplay is one thing and Sandbox is another, although usually they go together.

A sandbox game is a game that lives on its own features and has no definite end situation/conditions. Its a game like the original ELITE. The economy changes dynamicaly, situations change according to the game dynamic features, but ther is no definite end. There CAN be a main storyline, sure, like there was in ELITE: FIRST ENCOUNTER, but still you can play continuosly after that because the dynamic nature of the game is enough to sustain it. Its this self-sustainability that diferentiates a sandbox game from another game, even if those other games are free-roaming and open-ended.

I think a lot of people, including some developers, simply have no clue sometimes of what they are talking about.

Wikipedia has a nice artocle on this. Read it.

MK_Red4031d ago

Now that's a unique look and definition and a really classic one. The truth is that modern definition of sandbox is indeed about free roaming and such while the classic is more like an ever continuing legend like Elite.

Shankle4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Indeed that's absolutely right.
I think the clue is in the name really. A sandbox environment is just something that's been set up for you so that you can play in it freely. You're not free to do anything that pops into your head, but you're free to do the things that you can do however and whenever you want, and the sandbox will stay the same except for the changes YOU made.
Okay I'm not sure that that's quite what I mean, but basically I agree with you.

I don't know how old Elite is but I heard Sid Mejer's Pirates! was one of the first sandbox games. Then you also have stuff like the sims and even sports games. The pro evo master league can last forever.....

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