Top 10 Upcoming Game Releases (April 2012)

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

It’s April 1st and by now you’re probably tired of all the April Fools Day jokes. There were some good ones, but now it’s time to get back to business. When it comes to new games April doesn’t quite live up to March’s madness, after all Mass Effect 3 is a tough act to follow, right? Endings aside, it’s sure to be on a few top 10 list come the end of the year. But the year isn’t over yet, so here are the top 10 game releases for April 2012.

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copium4190d ago

April is gonna be pretty boring if Star Wars Kinect is one of the top 10 releases...

EVILDEAD3604189d ago

Witcher 2 Reserved..PAID in FULL..DAY ONE..can't wait


MostJadedGamer4189d ago

What the heck? How could they leave off Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat. Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat is the only game worth playing in April. It come out April 17.

ShaunCameron4190d ago

Aside from Xenoblade Chronicles, The Witcher 2 and Prototype 2, I don't see anything else.

Bimkoblerutso4189d ago

Well, that's a pretty good month though, isn't it?

BigDollarZoe9544190d ago

Devil May Cry HD Collection only thing of my Interest

dark-hollow4190d ago

The witcher 2 and DMC HD collection is all I need.

Solid_Snake374189d ago

All I need is dmc3 in fact, I'm thinking about naming my son Dante one day if I have kids

waltyftm4189d ago

Cool name, but he will get more respect and be greatly feared if you name him Kratos.

iamgoatman4189d ago

Name him Waffles, that way he'll seem more attractive to hungry women in the future.

jthamind4189d ago

The Witcher 2 is a flat out amazing RPG experience. i highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't played it yet.

Bimkoblerutso4189d ago

I've been waiting so long. I bought it for like ten bucks on PC a while back (which made me feel a bit like a criminal) and only got about six hours into it before my computer crapped out in a big way. Such an awesome, awesome six hours though.

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GotGame81828d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I liked the Xenoblade X formula. It takes awhile, but opening up Mechs was amazing. Especially once you can fly them, and use them in battle. You have to put some time into the game to do it, but it's worth it!

Also, the graphics were more realistic than the other games. Still looks good today, just a lot more pop-in than is acceptable today, hell even too much for back then. It wasn't game breaking though.


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Lightning Mr Bubbles362d ago

Me being a Playstation guy and a huge JRPG fan, I can say that the only franchises I actually miss that are on Switch are The Fire Emblem series and The Xenoblade Chronicles series. I've played neither but I've heard good things. I've seen people play Xenoblade Chronicles games on youtube, and it seems like they think it's a big deal so I'm curious.

Rebel_Scum362d ago

As someone who doesnt like jrpg’s that much these days I went into Xenoblade Chronicles blind and had a blast. Reminded me of that golden age of 16-bit and 32-bit jrpgs. If thats the era you liked then it should hit the spot.

jznrpg362d ago

I only have a Switch for the games that don’t come on PlayStation . There aren’t a ton but there are some good ones.

repsahj362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

I agree with top 1, for me xenoblade chronicles 3(and 2) is one of the greatest jrpg to date. It's like the feeling of playing ff7 on ps1 for the first time again. Imagine if XC3 was done with ps5 graphics, that will be magical. I might get the xc remaster before the year ends or after I got the platinum trophy of GoW ragnarok.

jznrpg362d ago

I didn’t care for 2 as much . It’s good but 3 is sooo much better than so is the first one imo .

repsahj362d ago

yeah I agree, but much better than any recent jrpg releases.