Gravity Rush Developers Discuss PS3 to Vita Switch

"It's now widely known that Sony's Gravity Daze (or Gravity Rush as it's known outside of Japan) was originally planned as a PlayStation 3 title but was changed to PlayStation Vita at some point. So when was the big platform switch made?"

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The Great Melon2391d ago

Interesting to hear that Sony doesn't use Windows typically as a development platform.

Can't wait until this comes out in May. I'll finally drop money on Vita then.

DeeZee2391d ago

Last time I checked it comes out on June 12th. And it's worth buying a PS Vita for :)

Kurisu2391d ago

DeeZee's right, Gravity Rush comes out in June (12th for NA, 14th for EU).

Really looking forward to release!

tarbis2391d ago


YxUxNO2391d ago

Hey that's my line! lol

tiffac0082391d ago


We will get this wonderful game soon enough. :)

gtxgamer22391d ago

cant wait for this game

dark-hollow2391d ago

My most anticipated vita game hands down.

It looks like a breath of fresh air in the Gen dominated by military shooters.

SOD_Delta2391d ago

I'm waiting for this. It looks really good and different.

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