Warner: Short-Term HD-DVD Plans Still TBD

Although Warner plans to stop releasing new titles on HD DVD as of late May, the studio says it's still formulating plans for how it will issue HD DVD titles until then.

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MK_Red4034d ago

Wow, this is why I like Warner more than others. Stupid Paramount cancelled all Blu films the moment it went HD-DVD exclusive and killed my Face / Off preorder plans.
At least Warner isn't going to shockingly cancel current HD-DVD stuff.
Warner and Blu FTW!

TANOD4034d ago

would you be buying a HD DVD movie disc anymore?

Paramount thought their BD cancellation would convert some potential BD owners to HD DVD camp.

With Warner's decision it is waranteed that the format war is fully over

did u check the impact it had??

you can easily get an HD DVD add-on for 10$ on ebay ,HD DVD sales have plunged by huge amounts all over

MK_Red4034d ago

HD DVD add-on for $10!? Seriously?
Looks like the quick death prediction for HD-DVD was indeed true.

rbanke4034d ago

It may be that Warner is contractually obligated to release some hd-dvd's until may.

pwnsause4034d ago

yea, paramount is looking very dumb everytime I hear these warner announcements

Darkiewonder4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I still think even though they may not release the movies after may, it still lets them distribute it over Live [of course not during the same time frame as the dvd/blu-ray release]. In the end, it's a win for them.

pwnsause4034d ago

well it doesnt have to do with live in the first place, unless Microsoft tried to put a live deal behind the scenes with HD-Dvd

Darkiewonder4034d ago

Awhile back once blu-ray exclusive, the studio partnered with microsoft to release the movies over Live. [sure, half of those movies were also dvd] but they'd only could get it to distribute over Live.

It may not be announced but I still believe it's going to happen this way.

MK_Red4034d ago

I remember how suddenly the Blu-ray version of Blades of Glory was sacked few days before it's release due to Paramount's announcement.

Kudos to Warner for doing 2 good things:
1.Going Blu instead of the other way.
2.Not cancelling every HD-DVD film in a mintue.

scrillakiller4034d ago

wow tanodwhere did u find that.thats a drastic plunge in just 24 hours

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