New Line, HBO Not Covered By Warner Blu-ray Announcement (Updated)

Though it's widely expected that Warner Bros. subsidiaries New Line and HBO will follow Warner Home Entertainment to Blu-ray exclusivity, for the moment they remain format-agnostic.

UPDATE: (3:10am ET, 1/05/08) Variety is reporting that Warner sister company New Line has confirmed that it too plans to shift to Blu-ray exclusivity.

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captainpwn4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

New line is confirmed to be on, too.

Winter47th4029d ago

You're beating on a dead horse.

BTW watch out here comes Microsoft's Damage-Control Squad.

Nostradavis4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Real nice..

cuco334029d ago

New Line 'confirmed' after. They weren't part of the $500mil payoff deal

Hatchetforce4029d ago

There wasn't a 500mil payoff you dumbass. Warner stated they would make their choice after looking at holiday sales. You don't deny 500 mil and have to explain to the SEC and the IRA where 500 mil suddenly came from. Idiots like you should stop beleiving a no name nackwater unnamed source written by an ezine doing a hit piece.

unlimited4029d ago

they are wrong alright..cant wait for lord of the rings!

cuco334028d ago


Ok let's follow this.. Immediately after the WB announcement rumors went around, albeit just rumors, that WB was paid 450-500mil. Then additional rumors went around that Fox was paid to stay put, almost going neutral or even worse for Blu, HD DVD exclusive. Money talks... Then highly credible sources, those who have leaked out information and Nielsen's numbers early, mentioned the deal that went down, Fox getting 120mil and WB getting 500mil (WB apparently wouldn't switch unless they knew another big studio would definately stay/switch since Fox and Disney as of late could have been seen as wondering what neutrality/purplehood would be like, or worst case scenario for Blu go HD DVD exclusive all together. Fox apparently almost went over but like I said... Money talks.

If you HONESTLY BELIEVE that no offers or payoffs were done, lay down the crack pipe..

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MK_Red4029d ago

Well, looks like Fellowship of the Ring isn't following it's master for now.

REbirth4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

this was more than expected!
and may be universal make there move to blu, and last paramount pays HDDVD camp to end there contract! and we see the end of the war...and the beginning of a new standard!

MK_Red4029d ago

True. And lol @ Paramount, they have to pay Toshiba if they want to get back.
Nice pice :)

scrillakiller4029d ago

it was just announced yesterday.starting monday well get lots of incoming details

MK_Red4029d ago

Middle earth and Deadwood will be join Blu but not yet. Still, Warner alone is a bigger than enough ally for Sony's camp. HD-DVD was a good format and Toshiba did great. The only jackass here is Paramount that signed an exclusive contract for money while Universal didn't and while it's HD-DVD exclusive, they are free to go Blu any moment, unlike Paramount.

Shankle4029d ago

Don't forget that we don't fully know why Warner went blu ray exclusive. They might be just like paramount....

MK_Red4029d ago

Personally I think Fox is the one that moved by money like Paramount and Warner did it mostly to end the war and start releasing HD easily for only one format.

Shankle4029d ago

To me each theory is as likely as the other, so we'll have to wait and see.

UnblessedSoul4029d ago

New line and HBO is going blu-ray it's basically confirmed

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