CVG Review:Beyond The Labyrinth: tri-Ace's first 3DS RPG brings on the rage

CVG: Beyond The Labyrinth is not what we expected. The game's pre-release campaign revolved around its winsome heroine and her wardrobe of customisable skirts - catnip to otaku softies. In reality, it's a take-no-prisoners dungeon crawler.

Vertical difficulty spikes, instant deaths, tortuously positioned save points - the works. Buy it expecting to ogle a digital lass and you'll be sorely disappointed. The game even tells you off for looking up her skirt! Er, so we're told.

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Rainstorm812416d ago

UM.... seems like they dont like the game because its difficult and you cant look up the protagonist's skirt.

This is why many people stop at the story description most times, especially when its the ridiculous rantings of CVG

TheDivine2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Il wait for more reviews. I love tri-ace to death and i love jrpgs and dungeon crawlers so its right up my alley but i dont want to get burned on this one. They havent made a game i havent liked so far so i still have hope for this one.

Does sound like Etrian Odyssey or the Persona 3 megadungeon without all the fun character interactions and shool to distract you from the fighting.

Stinky_Fish2416d ago

this reviewer should be ashamed............5 points docked due to difficulty

dark-hollow2416d ago

To be fair, there is challenging difficulty and there is broken, frustrating difficulty.

I'll wait for more reviews.

catfrog2416d ago

echhh, i was thinking about getting a 3ds for games like these

Venox20082415d ago

I'm gonna wait for more reviews, I won't trust this one only