Rumor: Warner Paid $500 Million To Go Blu-Ray

According to, Warner was set to go HD-DVD exclusive and so was Fox. However, they were paid a heaping pile of cash from BDA to go Blu-Ray. Here's the quote from the mysterious report of the payoff:

"According to a trusted source that was close to the negotiations, Warner and FOX were working on a deal to go Exclusive to HD DVD as recent as last week. Our source tells us that Warner was only willing to go to HD DVD if FOX would go with them. Their thinking was if they just went to HD DVD by themselves, it would not end the format war. Early this week FOX was paid an undisclosed amount to remain exclusive to Blu-ray. With the FOX deal falling through, Warner had no choice but to accept the BDA's $500 Million offer to go Blu-ray exclusive. We do wonder if FOX was just playing the HD DVD side, while having no intentions of ever switching."

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scrillakiller5257d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

payed or not who gives?point is hddvd is done and finally we havea everyone be happy and go get ur bluray player or ps3.her come the wounded xbox nites.rememmber toshiba/microsoft did it

xhi45257d ago

"In addressing the oft-rumored "marketing compensation" paid to studios for switching high-def sides (aka payola), Tsujihara laughed and joked that he had heard these rumors too and was anxious to see such a check. "It's not a bidding war," he said. "It's all about what's best strategically for us." That said, he curiously didn't outright state that no payment had been received by Warner for dumping HD DVD. Not that it matters, I suppose. All's fair in love and home video."

he loley i luv ma blu

InMyOpinion5257d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

All large companies use lobbyism. Microsoft, Sony, Warner, Toshiba, Enron, Halliburton etc. It would be ignorant to believe otherwise.

TANOD5257d ago

WARNER constantly said this:-

Warner: No Payoff for Move to Blu-ray

In a post-announcement conference call, Tsujihara flatly denied rumors that studio had accepted anywhere from 250M to $500M in exchange for dropping its HD DVD format support.

According to the exec, Warner's sole motivation in dropping its HD DVD format support was to ensure growth of the "category" and the long-term health of the industry.

cloud360-7th_account5257d ago

What pile of sh8t is this now.

Everyone know Sony Own 20th Century Fox. So what crap are they talking if they went as well

rofldings5257d ago

Let's see... am I going to trust Warner or some backwater blog run by HD-DVD fanboys ...

Looks like someone's a little butt hurt about their format losing.

cuco335257d ago

Both sides offered big money for Warner. I've read more into it and WB apparently was set to go HD DVD exclusive since HD DVD was also paying off Fox to switch. WB wouldn't switch unless they knew a format victory was soon to follow. BDA paid Fox to stay (apparently) and paid WB to go BD exclusive.

$500million and the tarnishing of the Playstation gaming brand is what it cost to win the HDM war. Anyone who thinks WB wasn't paid off... lay off the crack pipe.

Nuclearwinter5257d ago

Even if this was true, Paramount gets paid 150m and all you pro HDDVD people say it's good business blah blah. Then this rumor starts and you all act like they should be lined up and shot over it because your format is effectively dead

sonarus5257d ago

i find this questionable. Blu ray association might have paid warner but Fox trying to switch sides raises eyebrows and makes the whole rumor questionable. Fox has been a really huge blu ray supporter. They are memebers of the blu ray association and then funny how the figures were 250 mill then doubled to 500mill anyway who cares. game over blu ray wins too bad

marinelife95257d ago

LOL there goes that reliable internet source spilling the beans again. I heard from a reliable trusted internet source that Warner was given a free Blu-Ray bag and pen and the execs got taken out to Cracker Barrell to seal the deal. You can find the source here.

marinelife95257d ago

They ignore what the exec himself says and just make up their own story.

BrianC62345257d ago

This sounds like a lame rumor started by the same people who paid off Paramount. I doubt Bill Gates would do this to help Sony. He did it to help Toshiba and try to hurt Sony. Face it, only Microsoft can afford to do something like this.

ITR5256d ago

You guys kill me.
Most of you that say there was no pay off are the same ones that condemned the HD group for paying for Paramount. Who had execs saying we did not get payed off. lol
If you guys don't think money changed hands your very naive.
Once Paramount set the precedent WB and others followed.
WB and Fox went with the highest bidder.

I know for the last two months Fox and Disney have gotten courted by the HD group.
(Or at least that's what was rumored on many sites)
So you know money was flashed.

I guess if you threw a billion at each studio they probably change sided right now. lol
As it would be seed money for 1-2 big movies for any studio.

HD Group should've bid higher. end of story.

robep35256d ago (Edited 5256d ago )

LOL a report on FORMAT WAR CENTRAL that sounds a reliable site!!!
Have a look at the buget for a blockbuster movie, $150m (Paramount)
or $500m (WB, which has been said to be lies) wont cover the costs of
many movies.Once the Paramount deal expires and they start to release on Blu-ray again HD-DVD really has nowhere to go.
Blu-ray sells more copies of a movie its that simple thats why they went with the format which will make more money for them, AND before the HD DVD bots reply production costs are about the same and in the UK both formats cost the SAME!!!!!!!.


godofthunder105256d ago (Edited 5256d ago )

I never cared who won but at least we have a winner now.what i don't understand is that when microsoft so called did the same thing you were acting like they broke the law but now that sony did it it's alright,you are a hypercrit if you think like that.i'll buy a br player when it hit below $200 or less but i still will buy regular dvds because there is no way in hell that i'll pay $30 to $35 for 1 damn movie when i could buy 2 or 3 regular dvds for the same price but when they get around the same price as regular dvds i'll be happy to buy them.the majority of the people still want buy a br player or movie because of the price and who could blame them.
i like to know what in the hell does the 360 have to do with a movie war format,the truth is not a damn thing.when they have a good article about a product that has nothing to do with the 360 or ps3 people like you still have to mention them like you are getting i'm going to answer you back because your coment doesn't make any since.
the 360 and ps3 are both good systems and they will be around as long as people want to play games.the ps3 always had a br player in it and the 360 never had a br or an hd dvd player in it and it is still selling well. the reason that the 360 didn't have a br or an hd dvd drive is because microsoft said that they will never put a hd dvd or a br player in the 360,they said that they will wait and see who will win the war but they are supporting hd dvd but if br win they said that it's no big deal they will just use the br drive.
what i can't under stand is why is people saying that the 360 is finished and hopeing that it is.first the 360 made money for microsoft this year and the ps3 didn't(but it will).second if the 360 or ps3 fails then every one will lose because they wouldn't put half the money into makeing a game like they are now and they will sux and they will still sell them for the same price.
people have to admit that microsoft was smart when they didn't put any of the new drives in the figured that the dvd-9 will still be good for %98 of the games that will be coming out and so far they are right because only a few games uses more then 1 disc and the games that are planed for the next few years will work fine with the dvd-9 disc.when microsoft released the 360 1 year ahead of the ps3 they knew that they had to make it cheaper then the ps3 and they did and it didn't hurt them at all because the way it's going the dvd-9 disc will be good for another 3 years just as microsoft said and by that time the 360 would've been out 5 to 6 years like microsoft said and when they released the new xbox it will have a br drive and the price will be around $400 or less because the br drive would be a lot cheaper and then by that time the br disc might be needed for games but right now dvd-9 will be good enough for games,hell just look at the games that's out now and they don't have that many that need more then 1 disc,hell the ps2 had games that had more then 1 disc and ps3 fans didn't complain then but now they act as if it's a big job just to change a disc and it's no big deal.
the truth is that the 360 is no better then the ps3 and the ps3 isn't no better then the depends on what a person like more and if you don't own a certain system you shouldn't even be saying sh*t about it like you are because it doesn't concern you one bit.if people worry about the system that they have instead of the other then every one will get along.then we could talk about the games because that's what'it's all about,it's not being childish and hopeing one system fail like you do.
i know that people will disagree with me because every time i say that both systems are good i get a lot of people disagreeing with me.this shows how people are childish and think that the system that they have is great and the other one sux and no matter how many disagreement i get i will still say that they both are good systems because they are and the people that disaree are just fanboys not game fans.

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aaquib55257d ago

Bluray did what Bluray has to do. Bribe every company. That's good for us, that's good for the movie studios. As long as the war ends soon, Im happy. And, owning a Bluray player isnt too shabby either.

EZCheez5257d ago

I don't care what they had to do. It's obvious now that it's been done just how important having WB goes exclusive really was. Even if it is true, that just means it took $500 million to get rid of HD-DVD. If that's what it costs, then so be it. It's not like any of it came out of my pocket.

This isn't even important anymore.

Raptors5257d ago

Well Hd did it with Paramount so its no surprise this happened as well. Well in the end, I own a ps3 and opted to wait to see if Id get the hd dvd add on for the 360. Good judgment on my part. Kinda funny how all the sony fanatics (Tanod especially) are downplaying the bribe story when they were ready to hang someone about the original bribe with paramount.

Shadow Flare5257d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

Ok, it sounds plausible. Maybe, but theres one thing that just sounds like a load of crap to me. "Warner and FOX were working on a deal to go Exclusive to HD DVD". Why? Why. Warner were staying neutral for ages to see which format came out dominent. Bluray came out dominent. Warner goes bluray exclusive. And from the official press statement Warner released, it sounds like they went bluray for the right reasons. I don't deny maybe some payent was involved to further attract them, because im sure Toshiba were also making some offers. But i just don't see why Warner and FOX(???) would WANT to go HD-DVD when it sells alot less and is losing. Paramount only went to HD-DVD because Toshiba held a $150,000,000 carrot in front of their donkey ass face. And all companies know that the war needs to end sooner rather then later, Warner knew that better then anyone. Still, none of it matters because the war is over. This article just sounds like a carefully contrived HD-DVD supporter whose got a bad taste in his mouth. Most probably vomit from reading the news yesterday.

n_n5257d ago

perfectly said... it's fine when the side you chose does one thing but it's not if the other side follows suit... if BDA paid anyone off that's awesome.. it's karma.. and karma isn't sweet

Odion5257d ago

why would Xbox people care? I am just happy people won't be posting stupid HD format news crap anymore

captainpwn5257d ago

Mad that HD DVD lost, Odion? No more sucking Billy? Going to make your own decisions, huh Odion?

Odion5257d ago

what Jealousy lol, I don't own a HD-DvD or a blue ray player and I don't care about about the format war, its people like you who are angry cause because your all up and arms celebrating, and no one else cares.

Hatchetforce5257d ago

You cared enough to post several times so your own actions make you a liar.

tatotiburon5257d ago

they have to be happy my friend because in the gaming world they just finished a horrible 2007 with lack of games (PS3)

aiphanes5257d ago

Warhawk, Uncharted, Ut3, Ratchet and clank, super stardust HD, motorstorm, ninja gaiden sigma, heavenly sword, oblivion, COD4, velocity bowling...

that is only 2007...

You wanna be xbots do not want to look at this year 2008....because the PS3 releases are gonna be of the chain!

HarryEtTubMan5257d ago (Edited 5257d ago )

tatotiburon...can keep just lieing... and saying the same thign over and over... because there is nothing left for Xbotx to LIE about...but the Playstation 3 has plenty enough games for a 1 YEAR OLD CONSOLE. If it looked like this... and only had 140 titles released at the end of year 2....yes something would be wrong. We know that isnt the case. There are plenty of PS3 games. When wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more coming by the end of 2009. ALOT OF GAMES ARE COMING. You know this. You just play dumb and pretend ur little HD DVD drive didn't just get fvcking shot down in one day. Get over it bro. Sony is here to play. For 9 more years. The Blu Ray playing PS3 is gonna win. And it's not gonna take 9 years LOL

n_n5257d ago

lmao... the ps3's been doing awesome having 2 others to rival while ms had on new gen to rival for a year and yet all the 1st gen ps3 games look as good as the 2nd gen 360 games... no games? lmao... keep lying to yourselves to make yourselves happy...

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