The Last Story to have a limited print run in North America

Looks like North American fans will have to pre-order if they want to secure a copy of The Last Story when it releases this summer.

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Gandalf2390d ago

Luckily I have this paid off. Finishing up Tales of Graces f story, Xenoblade in a few days, and The Last Story in June. Good times.

jc485732390d ago

I have this preordered at Amazon. I wonder if I should preorder at gamestop just to be safe.

Gandalf2390d ago

Amazon should be fine.

Drithe2389d ago

I wish I did not have to buy all these different consoles to play all these kick butt rpgs. Nintendo's handhelds have always had awesome rpgs and srpgs. The Wii has them too. The PSP has great rpgs. The ps3 does, especially when you can get tons of the old great ps1 rpgs on PSN.

Oh well. Great time to be a gamer.

End of Line.

Game4life2389d ago

I was already gonna buy it at launch so it doesn't matter tghough i still need to preorder

Smashbro292389d ago

Annoying. I don't wanna play this in 480p. Chances are there will be a HD re-release if this sells well though.

keabrown792389d ago

Ya, as much as I would love to play TLS and XBC I can't justify a wii purchase for them... that and 480p puts me off.

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