The party for HD DVD is over, literally

From Cnet's "War is hell, particularly when you want to schedule cocktail parties.

The HD DVD Promotional Group had scheduled a cocktail party and a press conference this Sunday evening in Las Vegas to tout the "progress" it has made in high definition video and the ongoing format war with the Blu-ray consortium."

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captainpwn4029d ago

Captain PWN expects Microsoft to release an external Blu-ray disc drive by the end of the year, with HD DVD association announcing to endeavour in "Digital formats" in early 2009. By early 2009 Paramount will be back with Bluray and by then Universal will have already made the switch.

KeMoBLUE4029d ago

why do you speak in the third person?

Mr PS34029d ago

Blu river wider than a mile i don't think i'll see an xbot smile today !!

Tru Blu baby i love you You know i'm thinkin of ,Your blu ray disk fits my PS3 like a glove !!

And the best for last c'mon xbots join in !!

Blu Moon i saw an xbot standing alone , His HD DVD add on he had thrown and now all he's gonna do is whine,p!ss and moan

TheExecutive4029d ago

They have cancelled their CES booths, now its time to bow out. Sony's year started out bright and will end brighter with the PS3.

vloeistof4029d ago

yeaaaaaaah lol.

the dark knight is blu !!!!!!!!!!!

BLuKhaos4029d ago

awww I thought I was the only Blu in N4g. :(

scrillakiller4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

listen people.the first step in recovery is acceptance not i guarantee u in the immediate future retail will be boooting out hd dvd as well.more retail i should say

TANOD4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

why keep something which is dead

This is a huge blow for MS too. Expect sorry tales of HD DVD addon to spring up within a couple of days

MK_Red4029d ago

"Ironically, HD DVD players have outsold standalone Blu-ray players."
Does it even matter now how many of the sales were standalone? Seriously, many people got PS2 back then for BOTH games and DVDs and PS2 is considered to be one of the many elements helping DVD to become what it is today so I think saying HD-DVDs outsell standalone Blu-ray players in this article wasn't really neccessary.

Salvadore4029d ago

PS3 is standalone Blu-Ray player, right?

unlimited4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

Warner can care less about how many HD DVD stand alone players is being sold..because their not getting any money from it..All they care about is the money their making from selling disks. Their movies is selling better on the Blu-Ray so they decided to go exclusive and thank them because they ended the war. Now consumer can stick to one format..

RecSpec4029d ago

Of course the HD-DVD standalone sales are higher. I wonder what percentage of HD-DVD players are not standalone, its not that big.

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The story is too old to be commented.