Week Recap: PS3 Home; Xbox 360 Live; PS Vita half PSP sales

Punch Jump Week Recap for week ending Mar. 31, 2012.

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IFTP2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I'm beginning to think that Sony dont want anyone to buy the Vita.
They should ignore junk like Home and Move, and put more focus on the Vita.
If they werent going to support it in Japan then they shouldnt have even bothered releasing it over there.

MoFo11112393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Yeah its a disaster.Sony seem to never learn from their mistakes in pricing and advertising
I wonder how long its going to be before it starts dipping below 10000.A handheld doing bad in Japan is not a good sign for its future

2393d ago
mushroomwig2393d ago

'ignore junk like Home'

You do realise that Home brings in a profit, right? What possible business sense would it make for Sony to just ignore something like that?

MoFo11112393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I would assume very little profit seeing as the thing is a ghost town that nobody uses

IFTP2393d ago

@ mushroomwig
Why should you care about Sony's profits?.
The only financial gain or loss i care about is my own and to be honest, i feel like i'm down €250.

memots2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

To ice_cold.

Yeah you haven't been in home ever because every time i went in there to check out how its becoming it was packed.

.. Damn he got me to bite. He is just a troll. Just look at is past comment. " I have a good feeling about Starwars kinect" Really dude ? Dancing Bobafet ? Darth vader doing the macarena ?

Always in Sony article trolling or Vgchart article.

maniacmayhem2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Why would Sony ignore thier investments like Home and especially Move.

If anything they should focus on everything equally. Besides Home is handled by a separate studio and the new direction they have taken is very interesting.

As for the Vita, I still say its doing just fine. It may not be doing psp or 3ds numbers but its still selling. Once some more great games drop you'll see another surge in sales for the Vita.

dboyman2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I am a current owner of Wifi Vita (In Canada no 3G one) As for Japan they need to release a Monster Hunter game ASAP. #1 thing is find a way to reduce pricing. What I want to see to improve the Vita is better PSP game compatibility and PS1 game capabilities working, on Vita ASAP, not who knows when. I am a supporter for Sony for long time, but even I am getting impatient with them...

MoFo11112393d ago


Opinions.Get used to them

rezzah2393d ago

It is an opinion yet here is an analogy of the essence for your opinion.

There is a cup, the cup is filled to the top with water...

Yet in YOUR OPINION you claim that the cup is empty and has no water.

That is how much sense your opinion makes.

MysticStrummer2393d ago

Too bad what you stated wasn't an opinion. It was just BS.

SpinalRemains1382392d ago

Great minds think alike!

The Move was nothing more than a shot in the dark for where SONY thought the market was going. Gamers held strong and prefer buttons. Now the Move isn't awful or even a bad idea. It just takes away from the core audience. Focus needs to be on the beast SONY has a winner in the Vita and the ball is easily dropped if they don't support it with good software. Golden Abyss was a great start in showing what it can do no doubt, but we're going to need more this summer. Like 5 or 6 more before Winter.

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josephayal2393d ago

They need more convincing software.

Raider692393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Whats happening to Vita was expected and obvious!The price tag is too high,mediocrity seems to be the benchmark for 95% of the games that have been release based on reviews,the PSP is still pumping strong and with better line up and future releases to came than the Vita,No Monster hunter game for Vita in a near future,lets not forget that Nintendo is also about to release a new machine and people have to make choises on todays economy,should i buy a Vita now or keep the money to get a Wii U and wend the Vita drops the price and have a much larger AAA library of games than i will get the Vita...!??Frankly for me at this moment theres no valid purpose to buy a Vita,i think the better move its to keep my money and with more $ buy a Wii U and them wait for christmas for a future price drop,better games and bundles and them get a Vita.

iceman062393d ago

I understand your comment and agree somewhat. Firstly, the Vita isn't really overpriced. Remember, Nintendo released at the same price point...FIRST. Nintendo has owned this space for many years and the Japanese crowd probably chose between the two. Because Nintendo was first...they beat Sony to the money. All console launches have many a mediocre game. That is just what happens when every dev is rushing to meet that launch deadline. Monster Hunter will indeed sell that console. What we are forgetting is that not too many consoles just take over out of the gate. It takes time, building of a library, and consumer confidence. Sony is not banking on the Vita to smash sales records this year. They are positioning themselves to try to split that handheld money and this time take a larger chunk of the pie.

Krakn3Dfx2393d ago

Vita has been out for less than a month in the states, and people are already bitching about a price cut and more games. If you can't afford one, that's not Sony's fault, I know plenty of people who bought them and enjoy them. The Vita also had one of the biggest game system launch lineups in history, so if you can't find at least 2-3 games to satisfy you, again, your problem, not Sony's.

rezzah2393d ago

They actually started complaining after the 3DS dropped in price and before the release of the 1ST Editions.

TheRealHeisenberg2392d ago

"If you can't afford one, that's not Sony's fault" Hmmm I have heard something similiar to this before regarding the PS3. I believe it was Mr. Tretton that called consumers cheap.

Krakn3Dfx2392d ago

Hey, guess what, it's still true. When the PS3 came out, pretty much all Blu-Ray players were $350+. Now they can be had for around $100, so you can get a PS3 for $200-$250.

Welcome to the world of things that come at a price premium when they first come out and then drop in price later when the tech behind them drops in price. It's not a new world, but apparently you weren't aware of it, so here's a brochure.

TheRealHeisenberg2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

"Welcome to the world of things that come at a price premium when they first come out and then drop in price later when the tech behind them drops in price. It's not a new world, but apparently you weren't aware of it, so here's a brochure."

Lol, thanks for the update. I see defensive Sony fans are new too. Oh wait...that's not new either. I'm sure you won't need a brochure for that.

firefly692393d ago

Im waiting for better games,maybe in christmas i can get a better deal to buy a Vita and the line up of games its better then.My PSP will suit me until then.

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