3DS : Games Coming in April 2012

Now we are embarking on a new month, We have to know more about the games coming this month, So it will remind you to all the games coming in April on 3DS

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PopRocks3592484d ago

Not too many heavy hitters it seems. Spirit Camera looks fun though.

Oh well; I was primarily looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii anyway.

Titanz2484d ago

Spirit camera might also be decent.

Venox20082484d ago

actually for me Spirit camera, shifting world (should be eshop title, but still looks decent), heroes of ruin..

AWBrawler2483d ago

been eyeing Heroes of ruin for a while

klecser2483d ago

Heroes of Ruin is almost certainly going to be delayed. They haven't had the sense to communicate about it and so you get things like the eSHOP claiming that the game has released when it hasn't.