First Look at Blu-ray CES 2008 Best Booth of All Time

"The leaders in Hollywood entertainment and consumer electronics have joined together to produce what will be this year's HOTTEST BOOTH. Prior to the show doors opening, between 8 and 10 on Monday, January 7th, you are invited to sneak a peek at the Blu-ray booth and to interview top studio and consumer electronics executives from the leading companies in the Blu-ray Disc Association.

Senior executives from a number of Blu-ray Disc Association member companies will be on hand to discuss the hottest new title releases, hardware availability and the latest developments surrounding the world's top selling high definition format."

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Andronix4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

HD-dvd consortium have cancelled there appearance at CES.
This means that Blu-ray will have the next-gen DVD limelight to themselves. If there is only one company present the media will see this, and write about it. Basically CES will see Blu-ray's coronation as the next-gen format winner. Will they be magnanimous in victory?

HarryEtTubMan4032d ago

Dude HD DVDead just got Raped. This is defiantely gonna make BLu Ray seem so superior. I think the will be declared winner.

hotshot1274032d ago

how is microsoft gonna adopt bluray when sony is one of the leading companies behind it. if it wasnt for sony, bluray would have never won.

sure you can say microsoft can somehow breakthrough but thier gonna have a hard time doing so.

so if they cant get into bluray. how are they gonna move to thier next console with dvd9?lol

or EVEN IF MICROSOFT GOT A BLURAY ADD ON. why would they do that?
they would have to make the add on around 250 to 300 bucks. by that time,the ps3 will be around that price. AND MORE PEOPLE WOULD KNOW ABOUT THE PS3 BEING A BLURAY PLAYER AND THEY WOULD JUST GET A PS3 INSTEAD.


so all in all, do you guys think this might set micrsoft back for thier next gaming console?????

Gaara_7244032d ago

that was a nice point neva thoght of it like that i always know it was to l8 for m$ to adopt blue-ray maybe they will make up there own disk bye red-ray on m$ its just the ESACT SAME as blue ray just chaned i to red lol

Shadow Flare4032d ago

See, i don't understand people who say, "Oh well, i'll just buy the bluray add-on for 360 then" or "Maybe Bill Gate's BIG announcement will now be that the 360 Ultimate now has built in bluray". No. Just no. If anything, Bill Gates has had to refer to big announcement plan B, "Ladies and Gentlemen, I AM GAY." Think about it, why has microcrap released a hd-dvd add-on? Not because they back it, but because it harms sony. Why was they 'supposedly' going to release a 360 with built-in HD-DVDEAD? Not because they back it, but because it harms sony. So why would Microsoft support Sony with a bluray add-on? Microsoft don't care about their consumers, and add-ons don't sell consoles.

Why would Sony even give MS bluray for the 360? Possibly for money. But bluray is one of, if not the BIGGEST advantages ps3 has. And if microsoft had bluray, they would spin it to the market as if "360 does bluray". Average consumer won't realise that 360 games won't be on bluray. But people might now think that, especially if the 360 had built-in bluray. Most people don't know the things we know. I can't see sony ever doing that, they wouldn't even make that much money from it. Face it, the ps3 was built perfectly from the beginning. 360 was rushed to the market and thats why you now get more and more sku's with added features, slowly making it into the console it should of been when it first launched. Xbox 360 Ultimate? More like Xbox 360 'The way it should have been designed in the first place'.

Antiomo4032d ago

Im pretty sure Sony has an agreement with BDA not to include xbox in the 360. After all Sony helped push t he war like crazy.

Since sony scratched the BDA's back im pretty sure BDA will do the same for Sony.

If MS been a hardware manufacturer (not sure if the have a division in BDA) they might be able to produce blu-ray drives under xbox name

We might see blu-ray in the next xbox or...

quiddd4032d ago

but(to a lesser extent) Apple..............LOL

NoxiousD4032d ago

omg i am freaking out over here lol but good way. Sony knew this was going to happen. I own the 360 and PS3 lol but Sony has always been my heart and always will be!

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