TGS: Nintendo could beat Sony

Its low price and innovative controller could push Nintendo's Wii console to the top spot in Japan's multi-billion dollar video gaming market, two industry watchers said Thursday.

The Wii goes on sale in Japan on December 2, a few weeks after the November 11 launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

The PlayStation 3 oozes powerful, cutting-edge technology. It's based on the Cell microprocessor, which was custom-developed for the console and promises to deliver graphics that are unprecedented in consumer video games. It also packs a Blu-ray Disc drive for playing back high-definition movies.

Nintendo's Wii is an altogether different machine. It runs on lower-specification hardware and won't do high-definition, but it does have an ace up its sleeve in the form of its controller. Fitted with motion sensors and a wireless link, the controller can be waved about to control the game, giving a new type of gaming experience. It can be swung like a bat in a baseball game or jabbed like a fist in a boxing game, for example.

The controller's intuitive handling is likely to allow Nintendo to attract people who've never played on a games console before, said Hirokazu Hamamura, president of Enterbrain, which publishes Japan's leading gaming magazine, Famitsu.

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Silverwolf5856d ago

In the land of the raising sun, something weird like this could happen.

Sphinx5856d ago

...that people vote this article as lame when it has some good points in it. Don't hate just because the PS3 might lose.

kewlkat0075856d ago

The Wii could end up squashing the PS3 regardless of specs. Take a look at the handheld, The DS is just killing them with innovative software and such. I could see the same with the Wii against the PS3. Plus the price point is something you cannot argue. Ofcourse Fanboys will be Fanboys regardless of good weather and bad weather news for thier only console of choice.

PS360WII5856d ago

Japan loves DS. That is a fact no-one can dispute. So with all this Nintendo love on the rise who's to say that wouldn't continue on with the Wii?

THAMMER15856d ago

I no longer am interested in the PS3 it just seems like its old news now. Even though the Wii is low power on specs it seems to be full power for games instead of HD movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.