Mafia II: Grand Theft Prohibition

GTA's success means gangster chic will never fade, yet there are few games that place you in the trilby hat and spats of yer actual mobster, rather than an Uzi-toting modern wannabe. Fewer still that offer anything more than pun-heavy stereotyping.

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C_SoL4032d ago

Gangsters make the underworld go around......

MK_Red4032d ago

Story wise, original Mafia was one of my faves in anygame. Hopefully Mafia has a great crime story as well.

Harred4032d ago

Mafia was a great game, while IMHO it wasn't as good as GTA, it was a good game because it was so realistic. With Mafia 2, I would love them to stick with the realistic gameplay [Not being able to be seen with a gun and the likes].

I also like being a gangster, who dosn't?

shadowfish4032d ago

I agree with every single word.

Rattles4031d ago

as much as i cant wait to see how mafia turns out im more hyped for getaway this will be a good match up.

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