Rumor: Is Diablo 3 coming?

Calin Ciabai, Games Editor Writes:

The beginning of 2008 couldn't ever get better! Really, now, we can all go to sleep and wait. Because the God of Gaming, in this particular case – Blizzard, has listened to our prayers and decided to show some sympathy towards us, the mortal gamers (according to some digging made by And what prayers did we send them since forever? "Give us Diablo III" sounds familiar? Of course! And it seems that it's going to happen!

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achira4030d ago

i want this game so badly!!!

Gordii4030d ago

I hope they make this like a ps3 game and pc and aswell as xbox

ben8064030d ago

im sure i have heard speculation that diablo 3 could possibly maybe perhaps be the new MMO blizzard is working on. would love for that to happen i have fond memories of playing diablo 2 online.

Xbrainer4030d ago

cant wait for this game diablo 2 is still awesome to this day

mintaro4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

if they do announce it, it'll probably come out in 09

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The story is too old to be commented.