Fallout 3: Vaults, Paranoia, Social Experiments & Dread

Consider the legendary 'Vaults'.
Some are built to house 1,000 women, and only one man. Others, 1,000 men and only one woman. Some are filled with guns, others devoid of weapons. Some are designed to gradually fall apart, demanding that their occupants constantly battle against degrading systems and rusting valves. Some released psychotropic drugs into the atmosphere ten days after the doors were shut. Just to see what happened.

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MK_Red4568d ago

These ideas of Vaults being test grounds for goverment are mostly from Fallout 2. Glad to see they didn't completely forget about it even though original Fallout is Bethesda's main inspiration for F3.

Shankle4568d ago

I've never played a fallout game myself, but I hope this one's as good as you think it will be.

MK_Red4568d ago

As my fellow N4G member The Snake said, Fallout 1 & 2 are considered the best RPG games of all time. CVG even used Fallout as the best RPG ever along with Deus Ex.
But to enjoy it, you must be a western RPG fan since it has a truly different feel and gameplay from JRPGs. Plus, Fallout 3 is being designed by a new team (Bethesda) and not makers of original Fallout 1&2 ( Black Isle).

Just remember that the dreaded and horrible PS2 and Xbox Fallout game had nothing to do with the classics and was a dirty cash-in from then publisher Interplay.
Behtesda has officially said that PS2 / Xbox game called Fallout Brotherhood of Steel is considered fake and uncannon and has nothing to do with new game which is follow up to the classic Fallout 2.

I'm more than sure that Fallout 3 won't be anywhere near Fallout 1 or 2 in terms of depth or gameplay but if Bethesda even tries to do some of the classic stuff, Fallout 3 could end up the best western RPG of our time even though it will be nothing compared to the legendary Fallout 2.

bohemian 234568d ago

I keep reading it's turn-based. I really hope that's not the case otherwise i'll have to skip this one. I'll be looking forward to it if it's not thought.

MK_Red4568d ago

It's not Turn Based at all. Fallout 3 can be played as a full FPS in vein of COD4 and BioShock.
The thing is that there is an option to pause at the start of each battle and aim for a cartain body part of one enemy and watch a really really gory cinematic scene as that part gets destroyed.

MK_Red4568d ago

Now if only they'd release some gameplay footage and show the 3D and HD Wastelands in motion.

mighty_douche4568d ago

Probably gonna be my FIRST console RPG.....! Im a little excited to have a nice single player experience.

Jinxstar4568d ago

This looks great. I know MK is just as stoked as me ;-)

Game on guys.

/Jinxstar eagerly awaits the Fallout!

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