The Lamest PS3 Mod

Editor Robert Matei of Gaming News Writes:

Looks like some people had too much free time on their hands this holiday season. This is the case of a so-called PS3 modder, who managed to improve the appearance of his PS3 SIXAXIS controller.

This may not be that interesting, but for those who are into such things this could cause quite a stir. A forum thread on ps3scene by ebphonaprelude reveals how he managed to squeeze a 2.8v blue LED into a SIXAXIS controller. As you can see in the picture the so-called mod looks kind of cool, but that's all that it does: it looks cool.

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C_SoL4572d ago (Edited 4572d ago )

it just has its drawbacks....

Please approve story.....if u want me to change the title, please ask....

For more info on sixaxis controller mods, try to scope it out on YouTube...they have a lot vids on it....

ash_divine4572d ago

i guess it's kinda cool, but not worth the trouble.

Mycococo4572d ago

this has been done ever since the ps3 came out. i agree about its lameness. here is my mod i made way back when i had a ps3...

it changed the way the controller felt. i dont have to mod my 360 controller cause its perfect!!!

Tyler Durden4572d ago

did this he put it green i was gonna do it but he told me that it highly reduces the battery life

v1c1ous4572d ago

didn't work of course because of the joystick positions

m91058264572d ago

This is OLD news. Seriously, people were doing this within weeks of the PS3s release.

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The story is too old to be commented.