Don’t Worry Guys, Machinarium Is Still Coming To PSN

Chris writes: "When I asked how far along they were Jakub Dvorsky, the designer of Machinarium told me that, “actually it’s already finished and now we are just polishing it.” All that is left for them after polishing is having the game rated and sending it to the dreaded Sony QA."

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DigitalRaptor4006d ago

Ah, good. I was just thinking about this the other day.

Love these sorts of games.

jthamind4006d ago

this is an amazing game and one of the best i've played this generation. nice to see more people are going to have the chance to play it.

Persistantthug4006d ago

You could have walked it over from the Czech Republic to one of Sony's offices in less time.

andron4006d ago

I guess it's a combination of a very small team and differences in technical makeup of the platforms. I think they would have gotten it out sooner if they really had the opportunity to do so...

b_one4006d ago

Still it is cool, that guy maybe learns to make games on PS3 from scratch - he was a PC dev and started with flash games....