Daily Game: R.I.P. HD-DVD (We Hardly Knew Thee)

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"In the yin and yang of home entertainment, few companies or consortiums maintain market dominance forever. The "format war" between Betamax and VHS dragged out for just over a decade, with Sony's Betamax technology ultimately falling by the wayside. Likewise, the battle between Laserdisc and VHS endured for 22 years, with Paramount publishing the last Laserdiscs in 2000. Sony and Paramount find themselves at opposite ends of yet another format war (Blu-ray Disc versus HD-DVD), but this latest conflict may essentially be over before it began. Today, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announced it will abandon the HD-DVD format and exclusively publish Blu-ray movies effective June 2008. The consequence of this announcement? Sony's finally going to get its format dominance. "

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gamesblow4570d ago

Anyone really expect less? Please, anyone who bought into Hd-dvd was asking for it from the get and go. Blu-ray was always the sure fire bet... People buy formats for 2 reasons.

The content and because of value wrapped inside. Blu-ray invisions all of that. Even more so when you stack a Ps3 into the fold.

MK_Red4570d ago

Not really. While I was a full Blu fan, Paramount's movie to HD-DVD changes a lot of things. Not only they saved HD-DVD back then, they could have changed the tide of battle since they had 2 huge franchises: Transformers and Shrek.
And Warner was always in the middle with it's huge lineup of franchises. They teased with each site, released exclusive stuff for HD-DVD and we all know that there was a possiblity that Warner could have recieved the same bribe from HD-DVD group to go to their camp.

Still, I'm glad Warner made the right decision. World is BLU.

Mr PS34570d ago

Join in you know the words

Blu Moon i saw an xbot standing alone , His HD DVD add on he had thrown and now all he's gonna do is whine,p!ss and moan

ArduousAndy4570d ago

When it came to movie choice i went Red. Blu just didnt do it for me. Now with this news. IT means nothing. Since HD and Blu looks identical. All this means to me is now I can buy HD cheaper if it does die.

Cause honestly companies can switch back and forth. Its when we see the format for sale on close out then we know who won or not. So I'll just stick with red till its dead. Officially that is.

TANOD4570d ago

DO u still believe that the FORMAT WAR hasnt ended OFFICIALLY????

HD DVD's CES plans have all been cancelled

It is OK to be an XBOT but it is suicidal to support DEAD PRODUCTS

harv0524570d ago

Where have you read that it's officially over??

It's over alright, but nothing official.

ArduousAndy4570d ago

its not a dead product till toshiba announces it as so. Also to me my own personal opinion is that Blu and HD are the same as far as picture and sound. I dont care about your little details on both sides. IF HD-DVD final is discontinued. All that means to me is that I can get HD movies cheap. And then go blu why buy Batman Begins on BLU when i got it on HD and they look identical ?

Ital50Stal4569d ago

Whats with all this brand loyality towards sorny? what have they done for you? who cares lol....I did like HD because u could access the menu while the movie was playing..correct me if im wrong but you cant with blu gay...anywho, its still isnt over (soon it will be though) so till then...dont show brand loyality till Sony and Microsoft gave away their sh1tty products becuz they are in it for the money, not you!

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THC CELL4570d ago

How many people will be upset in a few month when they find out the x box add on is going to be used less

Blue ray wins all the way

x box u is not coming out with hddvd drive
x box u will have blu rau ( wait there is no x box u lol )

LoydX-mas4570d ago

This "your HD-DVD player is now useless" shows the level of intelligence that Blu-ray supporters have always had.
ANY HD-DVD player will continue to work with all current and FUTURE releases of HD-DVDs and SD-DVDs.

This war is nothing like VHS/BETA where a third common format could be played in all players.

TANOD4570d ago

BUT what is the point of having HD DVD when it is dead

why would i buy a 15gig disc when i can get a 50 gig one and the 100gig BD disc(soon to be unveiled at CES)

LoydX-mas4570d ago

I can only assume that you have never bought or will buy an HD-DVD player.

But if the reverse had happened, and Warner went HD-DVD, then how in the hell would owning a Blu-ray player be useless? Wouldn't Blu-ray still have exclusive support for their format from two other studios? Wouldn't every current and future release still work?

And if in the end, even if all studios went either Blu or HD, every Blu-ray or HD-DVD player will STILL upconvert SD-DVDs.

PS. Exactly how much do you think the "rumoured" 100 gig Blu-ray disc is going to set you back?

bootsielon4570d ago

How can anyone so stupid as to make such an absurd generalization have so many bubbles?

If we're rewarding stupidity nowadays, our gene pool needs a little chlorine.

LoydX-mas4570d ago

Ok, I should not have said "all" Blu-ray supporters. But anyone stating that HD-DVD players are "useless" is completely false.

I just have no respect for people who feel the need to gloat.

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UnblessedSoul4570d ago

It's funny on the avsforums people who have bought loads of hd-dvd shi! have said they are staying dvd and not buying blu-ray LOL

resistance1004570d ago

lol its like they are 5 and have just lost a football match so they refuse to play.

The thing is what will be the point of just sticking to DVD when they spent on this money on HD equipment lol.

MK_Red4570d ago

Lets take a look at holiday's best selling movies:
1.I Am Legend (Warner / Blu) 2. Natioanl Treasure 2 ( Disney / Blu)2.Alvin and the Chipmunks (Fox / Blu) 4.Enchanted (Disney /Blu).
And lets not forget about next year's The Dark Knight, Speed Racer...

As the kid in Matrix Revolutios said (Also a Warner movie): The War is Over!!!

WAR_MACHINE774570d ago

I can only hope that Lucas decides its over too. Then we can get Star Wars on Blu-ray! Now if only Paramount would come back so I can get Raiders of the Lost Ark and the other Indiana Jones movies.

MK_Red4570d ago

Agreed but I'm pretty sure Spielberg made a deal with Paramount so his movies will come for Blu-ray even though Paramount owns them. Plus he is a big Blu fan and good friend of Lucas so hopefully, he'll talk to Lucas :)

Ital50Stal4569d ago

Do you really think that National Treasure 2, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Enchanted and Speed Racer are something people are looking forward to on HD? LOL
Ill give you "i am legend" and Dark Knight but the others must have been jokes...Id question people that use bandwidth to get them free of torrents lol

power of Green 4570d ago (Edited 4570d ago )

Whats funny about that console owners are like that too. I don't think its funny you won't buy a 360.

THC CELL4570d ago

power of green
do u no whats funny really

I no deep down u want to be called power of blu

u see blu ray will not flop now

Even apple support blu ray now

UnblessedSoul4570d ago

I might of considered of buying a 360 if it didn't have 33% failure rate I want to play games whenever I want, not wait weeks to get a replacement which isn't even new

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