What's next for Xbox?

The Dallas Morning News on Saturday, January 5, by Victor Godinez:

"Who's ready to start talking about the next Xbox?

Yeah, I know, it sounds idiotic – didn't the 360 just come out? But one glance at a calendar suggests it won't be long before we start hearing all sorts of tidbits about the Xbox 720.

After all, the original Xbox came out in the fall of 2001.

The Xbox 360 was released in 2005.

Repeating that four-year lifespan, the 720 (or whatever it ends up being called) should come out, um, let's see, next year!"

Godinez explains why Microsoft will rush out a successor console ahead of everyone else - the Wii factor!

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Rattles4035d ago

do people think the game developers are going to be happy??? some how i dont think so.

godofthunder104035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

microsoft already said that the 360 will last 5 to 6 years and that is really all a game console is good far.
how can people disagree with me when all i said was what microsoft said,it was microsoft that said the 360 will last 5 to 6 years not me

stunt2134035d ago

to release a new xbox with built in blu ray

InMyOpinion4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

The original Xbox came out later and did'nt do well. They had a reason for dropping it.

Too drop the 360 anytime soon would just be foolish. Not gonna happen.

@Rattles - True. Developers have barely tapped it's power yet.

wallace10004035d ago

I don't see why they would drop the 360 when it is doing so great. What were those numbers the other day, something like 16 or 17 million consoles shipped or sold.

wallace10004034d ago

To the disagree could you explain to me why you think the 360 is done for?

Rattles4035d ago

i hope your right about that cause it would be sad if the ps3 left it for dead in the graphics department.

but im pretty sure the devolopers of fracture said at e3 they were maxing out the 360??? i dont no maby i must of heard wrong might have to go to gamespot and check that video interview again.

power of Green 4035d ago

You heard wrong or you are making up BULLSHIT.

MSFT is just now focused on Multi core development and just now have hired some Multi threading GuRu to help devs take advantage of the 360's capabilites. Geometry Wars for XBL arcade uses three cores Gears of War USed two threads=one core point being Devs are just starting to learn Multi threading.

Games like Project Offset and Alan Wake more fully uses the 360's threads thats why they're leaps ahead of average games(wiki them).

power of Green 4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

MSFT said they're going to keep the 360 on the market much longer before they launch a new console I guess we'll be hearing all kinds of BULLSHIT(Sonyfanboys talking sh*t because of Warner Brothers) untill MSFT's upcomming shows where they will focus the attention on something else.

I'm guessing all kinds of BULLShiT will be talked about derived from HD-DVD's loss. lol

Most companies will plan for the Next console after the the current one is launched but bias and hate will spawn fiction and theories that garner hits to websites.

EDIT: ravinash

Thats crazy saying MSFT would be talking about a Next-generatiom Xbox- 2 years in this generation in the middle of a heated War. hell the first box was underwraps 4 years into the Xbox 1's life.

MSFT will be talking about IPTV and possibly the Touch Screen Computer. Probably announce their XBOX I or something like that(like the Wii's Mii its still listed in TXB game list)

gamesR4fun4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

pog pog pog you poor fanbot this spells the end of the 360 now lets see whats next from m$ (expecting a handheld soon) but if they put out the 720 too soon who's gong to trust them not jump ship again...
One thing Ill say 4 sure Bill Gates picked a good time to cash out.

ps you buy a ps3 yet? and what are you gonna change you nick to after teh 360 is dead and buried in 08/09? power of black?

ravinash4035d ago

I would have to say that Bill Gates will be making some announcement regarding services to Live. But it'll probably be something a long the lines Movie downloads and how they want to push this type of services forward.
It looks more and more like MS are trying to do the Console as a media HUB thing like what Sony have been doing.
My second guess would be Announcements for the next gen of Xbox, It'll be a few years away, but by releasing information about the next gen now they can build expectations now and start getting Dev on now so that things will be ready when it does come out in a few years time.
3rd would be the new model Xbox 360, but thats looking unlikely now.
Other things they might want to show off is the motion detection.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4035d ago

will come and say how x360 will get digital distribution and it is the future.

Use your digital condom kid.

Digital distribtution is far from near. More then 3/4 of the world cannot download movies and games. Average speed is 700ish mpbs of interenet users. Also millions of people are still under download limit. How can you download a 25 GB Movie if your speed 2mpbs and 12 GB download?

Also Digital Distribution mainstream? Hail Piracy! If you love digital distrubtion so much you can download your beloved Halo 3 off torrents!

InMyOpinion4035d ago

Ever heard about HD Xvid? It might not be 1080p, but 720p seems good enough for most movie watchers (not videophiles perhaps but they are a niche crowd) and does not take up as much space as Blu-ray.

People are already downloading pirated movies like crazy. Do you think that will suddenly stop just because Sony invented another format?