Wii Elbow? Popular System Can Bring Pain

Cincinnati, Fri., Jan. 4, 2008 - The Nintendo Wii might seem like a great way to get the family together and have some fun. But one local doctor says it can be downright dangerous. Complaints of muscle soreness and injuries from playing the game are piling up.

So fast, there are Web sites out there showing injuries gamers have gotten -- a black eye, a bloody hand, a knot on the knee, and arms in slings.

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oaktown234032d ago

why is the kids father that close to the tv playing wii he should look at the handbook and know you should be far away from the tv playing wii and the dad aint even swing the bat right yea you can get worked over with wii sports in tennis and baseball if you play for a while and bowling but you do not get black eye and a knot in your knee and a bloody hand and your arm in a sling lol from the wii if your going crazy with the wiimote then yea you will but this doctor is a crock.

BrianC62344032d ago

Soon they'll have to add heart attacks to the list. With so many elderly play Wii games I'm sure that isn't far from happening. They should consult their physician before playing with the Wii.

Gordii4032d ago

Well to be honest my arms and wrist hurt from the Wii its a good system but doing the same action i can see that you can make your muscles sore.... Other then that i think the Wii shouldnt be played 24/7 lol more like 4 or 5 hrs max because that is really a lot of excercise.

LJWooly4032d ago

You must be either really stupid, or really weak (in which case go outside and get some exercise) to get an injury from playing the Wii.

aba4032d ago

Anyone who hurts themselves with the Wii needs to be sterilized so they can't produce more retards.